Andrea was busy for the next few days and was surprised when El Capone informed her of his going out.

"We are having a meeting with royal treasury representatives today."

"What is your stance, are you stepping down for your brother?"

"No, we are not selling for the foreigners, until they stopped planting and construction of factories."

"What about the assassins out there, am sure they are aware you will be stepping out of this palace today and will be waiting for you."

"I have already thought about it, and will be sending a decoy out first."

"Splendid, dear husband. I can see that you are learning faster."

El Capone grinned, dragged his wife closer, kissed her, and let out. "You are teaching a fast learner."

"Umm, not now," Andrea pushed her husband off when his innocent kiss is becoming aggressive. "You can have your way tonight, keep yourself save, until then."

She picked up her vanity box, applied some makeup that turned her beautiful face into flawless skin, and then quick
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