The island of Greenwich was soon filled with indigenous living on other islands who came for the celebration. And most of the businesses in the land boomed and prices soon skyrocketed because of many people that were chasing a few products.

The locked gate of the mafia king's palace was opened, cleaned, and alive with people who walk to and fro, as they await the D-day.

Feeding of the inhabitants started a day before the celebration, and different daggers soon emerged to slaughter the cows packed in a fenced area, for the occasion.

Andrea was in charge and her voice was heard, as she instructs the chefs about the cooking arrangement.

"We will be cooking several dishes, and I want everything done before noon."

A lady walked forward and asked. "Are we feeding everybody, when the food is done?"

"Yes, let everyone eat to satisfaction and merry," Andrea answered back, stepped forward, and was seen attending to other sections of people.

A moment later, men in black uniforms emerged, and
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