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The same robotic voice continues, "I repeat, after the long, loud beep comes to an end.This is an immediate need.At the government's request, the following message is sent.There is no test here.This nation or one of its allies has been the target of a nuclear attack.It's possible that nuclear warheads will arrive.The attack's scope, number of casualties, and location have not been determined.If there is a fallout shelter nearby, go there right away.Otherwise, please remain at home.You will receive additional information as soon as possible at the following frequency, 76.155/85.955 Megahertz.Keep your cool and wait for more instructions.This message will be heard again.The transmission terminates.The radio stops talking for a split second.The transmission then begins to repeat with a loud beep.

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Chapter 1
Scott and his family travel a deserted country road to his grandparents.While his younger brother Elijah stares at his smartphone, the radio plays a song he doesn't particularly like.Scott, Harry , and his older brothers watch as the trees speed past their vehicle.A small creek has developed in the ditch that separates the road from the forest as the mid-September sun shines down from the heavens.He is still overcome with excitement.“God, for some reason I can't believe my little girl is all grown up,” he says as he waits for someone to speak up.Smiles at ScottMom, hurry up.Over a month ago, school ended.“What?Each of my children has completed their education.It has a strange sensation.his younger brother snorts while Astrid's laughs from the driver's seat.With a grin on his face, Kilian turns to face him after noticing.This is still a long way to go before you can taste the sweet taste of never going back to school.At first, Tyriondo doesn't say anything to him, but then he sud
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Chapter 2
"What in the name of God is this stuff?"Kilian inquires.He moves his hand around as if that would get rid of the fog in some way.Instead, it almost appears to be following his hand.It looks like it's trying to hold on.When he sees the swirling mass of darkness, he closes his eyes.Despite the fact that he exudes confidence, they can all hear a slight tremble beneath his loud words.We must leave this place, and I have no idea what to do.His decision was not questioned, and the others quickly followed him as he started walking.They continue on the road.They keep moving in the hope that they will soon find helter.They can't even see the ground beneath their feet as the fog thickens with each step."This can't be true."As the swirling mass obscures his vision, Scott has the impression that he is submerged in a gray sea.Again, he doesn't know if it's his imagination or if he's getting sick from radiation poisoning, but the fog is making his weaker.his muscles seem to be flowing like water
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Chapter 3
A quick glance reveals the reason why his feet hurt the most.They have expanded to several sizes, ripping the front of his sneakers open and crushing his feet on the sides.his hand misses and grabs air when he moves his arm forward to grab the shoe.he tries to grab his foot once more after taking a moment to look at his hand.Once more, his hand doesn't work right, and his fingers hit his foot.When he feels pain in the tips of his fingers, he growls.As he is consumed by an odd, irrational rage, his eyes twitch.he gets even angrier because his arms feel like disobedient noodles, and after a third unsuccessful attempt, he feels like he's about to explode.he carefully places his arms on the ground behind his instead of concentrating on taking off his shoes. With a loud, growl-like scream, Scott kicks his left foot with his right foot as hard as he can.His legs also feel like they are made of wet paper, but every movement makes it easier to hit his shoe than his foot, and every kick that
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Chapter 4
The car doors are still unlocked, as expected.he takes a cursory look inside and finds that, despite not locking the car, he did remove the key from the ignition.he almost pulls his head back out when he notices something.A piece of paper is hidden beneath the windshield.After securing his hand around the note, he takes it out.A message written in his mother's handwriting appears on it.Because he reads quickly and is accustomed to reading his mother's script, his eyes simply skim the paper to read the message.However, his brain is unable to connect the letters to form any meaning when his eyes reach the note's bottom.Scott looks at the paper while blinking a few times.his eyes skimmed over them, and it was almost as though the words parted.he can see that they aren't actually moving, but the writing is almost impossible to read.Scott moves the paper closer to his eyes while clenching his teeth."What in the world is this?"he thinks as he gets angrier because the writing seems to get
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Chapter 5
Despite being smaller and completely intact, the vehicle was abandoned quickly.It still has the gas pump nozzle stuck inside.Apart from the fact that no one is present, the four scratch marks on the vehicle's back are the only unusual feature.Scottleans enter the gas station by breaking through the door.Two feet that protrude from behind are identified by a blood trail.They still radiate a distinct red glow.Scott makes a brief pause before entering.he tries to be quiet, but the glass fragments under his sneakers crunch and crack.he stops moving, and everything quietens once more as it is the only sound in the area.Even though Scott is aware of what he is about to see, the station's still silence still feels ominous.he walks around the corner one step at a time to bring the body into view.His arms are spread out in front of him as he lies on the ground.His shirt has a dark red stain because his eyes are closed.The young man is surrounded by a pool of fresh blood, and his clothes indi
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Chapter 6
"Into the back!," yells Noah.Into the rear!as well as hardware for a door behind the counter.The monster suffered immense pain from the three hollow-point rifle rounds lodged in its chest.Although the policewoman's pistol shots aren't nearly as painful, they are certain to be the same.It no longer just wants to eat and find its family, as it did when it attacked the people who did it harm.It now seeks vengeance as well.It would have approached the people and barked at them or begged for food when it was smaller and had four legs.It now rushes forward with its claws outstretched.Scott follows the small policeman for the back door, unarmed and unwilling to be acquainted with those bone daggers.Before realizing that his weapon is useless, the policewoman fires a few more shots.Before a garbled scream prompts his to look back, Scott reaches for the door.The monster raises the woman into the air after piercing his chest with its claws.The woman attacks the piercing bones in his body wit
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Chapter 7
Finally, the ceiling hole's edge is within reach.Before he can fall back down, he quickly grabs hold of the ledge by squeezing his legs together.he hangs those for a brief moment, his hands on the ledge and his feet on the cable.As he raises his entire body, his lips make a growl-like sound.his muscles ache from the strain of the plastic frame that used to hold the plastic window in place.Until he is high enough to rest his elbows on the roof, he ignores the pain.he pulls one last time to get the rest of himself through the small opening and onto the roof of the gas station.he rolls over on his back and quickly takes several deep breaths of fresh air before moving forward until his feet are also out of the hole.Noah commends him for his work.he exhales, "God, I had no idea that climbing a dumb cable could be so difficult," after taking anothis deep breath."Well, I'm glad you were able to.If you hadn't, I'm not sure what I would have done.Let's get out of hise now.As he stands up,
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Chapter 8
“Why would you limit yourself to ten rounds?!How many more do you have?”,He asks Scott.A loud clack comes from him pushing the rifle's bolt forward with more force than was necessary.Seven.On a hunt, you typically only need one or two shots, so I wasn't expecting a freaking magic fog.The group moves on from the parking space and begins to travel the rough country road.Noah still has to jog to keep up with Scott's pace, even though Scott tries to walk as slowly as possible.Scott has never seen a meadow with pink flowers before. They pass it.They appear to be emerging from thin, ivy-like vines that wind their way through the grass.He walks into a car right away because he is so focused on the plants.“Uff.”Scott gets caught on the trunk of the vehicle.The compact vehicle crashed into the railings.The driver's door is open, but there is nothing inside.Astrid gives Lukas a glare when he says, "Watch out."As they keep walking, Noah keeps an eye on the abandoned vehicle.Thus, this is i
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Chapter 9
Scott wants to dash to the nearby building at the thought that they are about to locate His people.Because His stomach is already making its presence known once more, if He is lucky, they will also have some food.They get to the house, but Noah turns to the others and says, "I know the chief," before he knocks.Let's talk!He tries to use the doorbell, but the button doesn't make any noise.The door swings open before he can knock, and the night is filled with voices.AnotHis elf is positioned by the door.Hiss has brown hair with white streaks, in contrast to Astrid's cream-colored hair.He wears it back in a pigtail that completely covers His triangular ears.Aside from that, He is smaller than Astrid, has darker skin, and has the same piercing yellow eyes.They focus first on Scott.His gaze is sharp as a laser, despite the woman's friendly expression.Scott wonders if his appearance is any less threatening.The elf's attention quickly shifts to Noah, who has just taken out his badge."Co
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Chapter 10
However, they are not with Him."Is everything in order?"The elderly lady asks.Scott quickly interrupts and responds, "Yes, it's just this whole thing is so unreal."My family vanished during the event, and now I'm all by myself. I'm a completely different person."The woman says, "I can't imagine what it must be like to be suddenly turned into something else," as she sits down on a chair next to the door.I have nothing else to do but sit next to this door if you want to talk about it.Scott thinks about His offer.He is just now realizing that there is a part of him that wants to talk about all the weird things that happened today.A portion of him just wants to sleep and act like everything is fine.He begins, "It's just that... it's all so different," as he takes a seat across from the elderly woman on the floor.We were on a trip to my grandparents when, before I knew it, I awoke as something else and nearly died three times, but that's not even the worst part.I know what it is:."Scot
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