Stellar Martial Arts

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Stellar Martial Arts

By: Aalsime OngoingFantasy

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Ling Chen, a weak young boy who was often bullied by others, starts cultivating from the scratch after his grandpa's death and after he got a stellar martial cultivation technique. Join Ling chen on his journey from weak to strong.

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  • Vinay Brahmbhatt


    Any update coming??

    2024-07-23 03:04:08
  • Dhruv Krishna


    Nice novel The story line is very interesting

    2022-07-18 18:49:33
  • Oghale Maxwell


    Good Novel please release More update

    2022-06-05 18:25:56
Latest Chapter
16 chapters
1. Ling chen
Outskirts of Cloud View town, Cloud view Mountain... A boy, around 13 years old, with handsome features, in ragged clothes was fighting with a tigertoothed boar barehanded. Boy was injured and panting heavily but a determined and excited glint was flashing in his eyes. He was here to get the rare herb it was guarding, a stalk of vitality grass. he needed this grass for his ill grandfather who has lost almost all his vitality and was on the verge of dying. This boy's name is Ling Chen. In the cloud view town he is the weakest in his age group, and always gets bullied because of it. but he doesn't fear anything when it comes to his grandfather, Ling xiao. Ling Xiao is his only family member alive and Ling Chen loves him very much because Ling xiao is the one who brought him up since he was just an infant.  His parents died in a beast tide and Ling xiao got seriously injured but despite that, he took care of Ling Chen. Now Ling xiao is almost on his last br
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2. Death...
"There you are." he quickly picked the vitality grass up and put it in his bag. but he was now feeling a little giddy because he lost a lot of blood when the boar's claw ran through his flesh. his back was badly mutilated.  " Let's get out of here quickly. Now that I have found this grass, Grandpa can get better."  He felt excited thinking about this. He quickly got down the mountain and went towards his home. His home was in the central part of cloud view town where mostly wealthy people live but they were the only exception now when Ling Chen's parents were alive they were the top family in the cloud view town. Ling Chen arrived at the main gate of the town and entered.  But now his consciousness was fading due to loss of blood. Just when he was about to class, A gorgeous little lady quickly got hold of him. " Big brother Chen!!" "Big brother Chen, what happened to you. How are you so injured." This little lady was none other
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3. Deciding Path
When it was finally morning, Ling Chen felt a hand on his shoulder. He stopped crying and turn around to see who it was. it was Feng Jiayi who was standing behind him until now with her tiny hand on his shoulder. She said " B..big brother Chen, please stop crying now. Grandpa Ling wouldn't want you to keep crying like this, he will always be watching over you, you wouldn't make him sad...would you?" Ling Chen nodded his head when he saw she also had two lines of tear marks on her cheeks. He said " Jiayi, you are right, I won't make him sad anymore. He was always worried because I didn't have any interest in cultivation and learning martial arts and would always be weak because of it, from now on I'm going to give my all to become stronger so that grandpa won't worry about me."  He then put his grandfather's body that he had in his arms, carefully onto the bed and said " grandpa you don't have to worry about me anymore, I'll become strong and live my life happily
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4. Stellar cultivation art
"I can't have my priorities set on short term benefits if I want to be strong, so for now I should go to the town market and see if I can buy a Steller martial cultivation art in these 5.03 gold.....fucking hell, after spending these I won't even have enough to eat. " Fuck it, I'll think about it after getting a good cultivation art." After planning this he went out of his home and went straight to the town market. Cloud view town's town market is located in the central square of town which is obviously in the centre of the town. In Central square there is, Residential area of town Lord, Li Chun, Li Chun is the only martial artist to have reached the peak of the houtian realm.   Central square also has a cloud view academy for martial artists, where many younglings of town's wealthy people learn martial arts and how to cultivate but it only teaches basic martial arts and basic breathing and meditation techniques and Ling Chen has already learnt t
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5. Mysterious old man
Ling Chen continued wandering around, looking around if he can get some good cultivation art in 5 gold but even after 2 hours of going through every stall and every shop, he couldn't find any. He sighed ruefully " without sufficient money I can't even buy a basic cultivation art much less stellar martial cultivation art."....Just when he was about to go home he saw an old man in black clothing, he also had some weapons and ancient-looking scrolls and was signalling him to go there, his hair was white and his face has wrinkles and a sword scar on his face that went from his left eye to his right jaw. He was a terrifying-looking old man, seeing his face Ling Chen shivered but after gulping down he went to him asked politely "Old man, do you need anything?"The old man smiled but his smile was like the opening of a demon's mouth. The old man said"Don't be an afraid young lad. I just look bad, I won't do anything to you." Ling Che
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6. Primordial star god's stellar art (1)
The old man was confused for a moment before he angrily snapped " you bastard!! Do I look like I would have interest in doing something  your 'weird' to someone of your age much less you are male...." He then said in a low tone " if you were a mature sexy woman I might be interested." "You pervert" Ling Chen cursed. ' this old man.....thank goodness, I'm not a girl or he might have thought of something weird.' " Cough...Cough!!" The old man coughed for the sake of not making the situation too awkward and said " it's okay.....I will give you my steller cultivation art and in return when the time comes you have to help me with something." Ling Chen nodded but then curiously asked " old man, if I'm not wrong, you're a very strong expert yourself and I don't know if I would be able to, even be as strong as you are now. How would I be of any help to you." The old man smiled " you don't have to worry about that. The art I'm gonna give to is one of best
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7. Primordial star god's stellar art (2)
"PRIMORDIAL STAR GOD'S STELLER ART "this was one of the earliest invented steller cultivation and martial art. It is said that Star God was a pioneer of steller cultivation. When he achieved a terrifying power level where he couldn't find a single opponent capable of challenging him, he ascended to the heavens. Now his cultivation art was with him he might be able to reach the peak of martial arts with it. Thinking this he got excited and wanted to start cultivating right away but first, he had to destroy his previous cultivation. 'I guess it's time to start anew.'  he took a deep breath and started destroying and expelling his accumulated Yuan Qi. Destroying one's cultivation isn't easy as it sounds but fortunately, that mysterious old man left the technique of doing it without any risks, but during this period, he will have to endure a lot of pain. Fortunately, he was still in the lower layers of the body tempering realm if he were above the body tempe
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8. Incredible cultivation speed
Ling Chen rested until dusk. he was feeling better but could feel that due to excessive loss of blood his vitality was somewhat damaged. he thought of using the Vitality grass but without cultivation, he won't be able to refine it completely and its effectiveness would be greatly reduced.Ling Chen took his 5.03 gold and went to buy body tempering pills. these pills help body tempering realm martial artists to accumulate and refine Qi at a faster speed. if one cultivator cultivates using these pills and another doesn't, in case their talent is similar, the former will cultivate almost at double speed compared to the latter. He again went to the Newmoon trading firm and asked " shopkeeper, what is the price of a Body tempering pill? "" 20 silver per pill," he replied.' It's quite expensive but I got no choice but to buy them if I want to cultivate faster' Ling Chen thought. " shopkeeper give me 20 pills."Taking pills and storing them in his
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9. Fighting boar again
Ling Chen quickly found the tigertoothed boar, it was resting in a cave. " I should lure it out of the cave or I won't be able to utilize my speed in that cave." Ling Chen picked up a small rock and threw it toward the boar's head.'BANG '"Roar "With a bang,     it hit on boar's head. It roared angrily and came out of the cave. three  Ling Chen standing there he grew even angrier. Previously Ling Chen stole the 'treasure' it was guarding and it had to clash with that troublesome firefox.With a roar, it charged toward Ling Chen and swiped its claw at his head.Ling Chen was quick in reacting, he ducked down to dodge the claw strike, then he struck at the boar's one hind leg with a kick. Boar stumbled and lost his balance, ling then went behind its back and threw consecutive punches on the back of its head. Boom! Boom! Boom!Every punch was like a hammer striking iron. with every punch, the boar woul
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10. Bandits
''It seems this cultivation technique is quite miraculous, it allowed me to cultivate with the speed on par with the yuan cultivation. If this is the case I won't have to worry that my cultivation speed will be slow and most importantly my cultivation speed will be almost double of other steller cultivators who has the same grade of unique Qi."Ling chen could now fight with most of the mid-grade wild beasts with ease. Most importantly after eating wild beast's meat for a month his body was no longer weak looking, although he didn't gain any muscles but now he looked like a healthy young man. His complexion got even more bright.''This month of training was quite fruitful. Not only did my physic improve but also my cultivation fully stablised at 5th layer body tempering and I feel like I can easily deal with any 6th layer body tempering realm martial artist.""Inhale"He took a deep breath to calm his growing excitement." It is time to go back hom
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