Inside the usual meeting point of Country P's merchants' headquarters, men were seen in deep discussion, and the burden on their faces indicates their gratitude for their conversation.

"Are we sure everything is in place? We can't fail again." Augur asked, as soon as the voice of the last speaker quit down.

"Yes, the black ninjas are already inside the mafia's king palace," Priest answered back.

"I heard El Capone is also inside."

"Yes, he escaped his brother's assassin's attempt."

"El Ramon is impatient and unworthy to be a leader. His inexperience is endangering our mission," The oldest among the men let out.

"You are right, Aries. That's why I keep supporting El Capone over him." Haggard hissed and let out.

"I don't think that was what Aries meant. We can't support El Capone. How long did we need to remind you that?" Augur asked in a voice that is filled with contempt.

"I plan to take over the affair of Greenwich island, as soon as El Capone is out of the way," Priest announc
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