No matter how difficult life is, there must always be someone who will stand by us.

This was the condition of Haggard, who was seen inside his well-furnished parlor with the latest gadgets, and in front of him, was a man who had come to inform him of the peril looming on his head.

"Your life is at stake, and I want you to leave this island tonight."

Haggard smiled and asked. "Have they decided to eliminate me so soon?"

"Yes, they all vote to get you out of the way," the jittering man whispered back.

Haggard shakes his head and lets out. "They are truly desperate, if they are not aware of the risk my death will put them."

"They are, and have decided to make it look like a suicide or accident."

"So why did you choose to snitch on them, since you all opted for this?"

"You once help me when I have nothing, everything I have here was because of your generosity and moral support."

"It's good to be good. I helped y

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