Because of the failed assassination attempt, the security of El Ramon's palace had suddenly become tight, and all incomers and outgoing visitors were checked diligently before passing the big black gate.

Hours later, hundreds of mafias that were previously working with El Capone gathered in front of El Ramon's palace, and prince El Ramon's right-hand man was seen addressing them.

"You are all welcome into our camp. You will be employed, as long as you are ready to swear your allegiance to prince El Ramon."

"We are ready!" The men in his front answer back with one voice.

"In that case, I will invite him to perform the rite by himself," he announced, veered at a guard in black uniform, and whispered into his ear.

"Okay, boss," the guard answered back, grinned, and quickly raced toward the inside of the palace.

"What about some of us that were senior staff with prince El Capone before his death?"

"You will all be employed on the same grade and level. It's now left for you to prove y
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