The guards around Andrea were doubled, then changed after a few hours.

Knowing their lives won't be worth a penny if anything should happen to her, the men were very vigilant, and are ready to protect her with their lives.

Inside her private quarter, the beautiful lady was seen in a joyous mood, and her laughter as she tickled the mean-looking white wolf soon infected the grimly-looking guards on duty.

"You have a visitor," one of the guards bowed and announced to her.

"What is the visitor's name?"

"Achia, the leader of all the female laborers in our land."

"Bring her inside."

The man bowed, turned, and went out of Andrea's sight, but soon returned in a few minutes.

"You can go."

"Oh Andrea, am very happy that you are safe."

"Thank you, Madam Achia. It's a long time of darkness and trials. But I believe it will be over soon."

"Aye, hard times don't last. Only hard people do."

"What can I offer you. Your face is a delight for sour eyes."

"I just had my lunch before coming. Thank you f
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