Evil will always reign in a society where men have no access to places where their sexual desire will be fulfilled. And this may be one of the reasons why great leaders had never forbidden prostitution in their land.

Because nature is unfair to men every morning, the urge to relieve their third legs is always paramount in their minds, and the only way out is to visit women of such professions to satisfy their desire.

To an average man or a religious zealous, such a place will be better abolished. But to a man of advanced knowledge, no sane society can exist without them.

"Marvelous speech, you are a great thinker!" The tallest among the assassins lodging in Johji Inn exclaimed after Madam's Shasha speech.

The three men were invited by her for a dinner, and as custom demanded, Madam Shasha entertain her visitors with the need of having a whore house in every city and town."

"I fully agreed with you. Rapes, paedophiles, and lots of abominable sexual acts will reduce when men have eas
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