Code Name: Ryu

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Code Name: Ryu

By: Ethan De Beer Updated just nowFantasy

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"You are a healer dragon" After hoping to inherit his grandfather's magics, Haruki Ryu, our main protagonist is disappointed by these words. On his way home with his grandfather, Haruki is transported into another realm. The realm of humans, Leagard. Follow Haruki, Niklaus and Louisa on their journey, as they discover new secrets, face new enemies and make new allies.


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Leagard, Ragnarok, Dwargo, Nirvana, Netherworld, Gigante and Aerlogard. These seven realms host great races, including Dragons, Gods, Giants, Fairies, Demons, and so forth. Leagard, the weakest of the seven realms, more commonly known as the human realm, has a vast amount of mana. It is the second most beautiful of all the realms, falling short only of Nirvana, the realm of the gods. The human realm is home to both humans and magical beasts. At first, these magical beasts would hunt humans for fun. Only after the humans devoted themselves to the Gods were they gifted with magic. The humans used Leagard's high amount of mana to fend off the magical beasts. They were finally at peace. But peace does not last forever. The Demons started wreaking havoc in Leagard. Towns were destroyed, and kingdoms eviscerated. Millions of lives were lost. They stormed to Leagard from the demon realm, Netherworld. The demons partnered with the dwarves from the dwarven realm, Dwargo, and invaded Leagard. T
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"Haruki!!!" My eyes bolt open. Grandpa's scream shakes the earth which causes our house to vibrate. I splurt out the dust falling from the crooked ceiling into my mouth. I get off my bed and dress as quickly as I can. I get to the stairs and the challenge begins. With each step I take down the stairs, I feel Grandpa's aura become stronger. The pressure nearly causes me to faint. But I push through. Grandpa has been training me like this every morning. Ever since my parents left me with him at a very young age. I manage to crawl my way before Grandpa. I look at him and see him sitting like King Arthur at the round table. He looks no older than thirty, yet he has been around for aeons. He always has a stern look on his face, ever since he received that scar running diagonally through his chest. His very presence is intimidating, and his muscular stature is not just for show. "When you are done admiring me, get ready. Today is the day we start your training." Today is my fifteenth birt
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Niklaus and Haruki
"Well done. Your form has improved." "Thank you, Father." "Brother," I hear my little sister call out. "Well done in today's practice. You will indeed be a wonderful king one day." Niklaus Borneheimer, next in line to the Borneheimer Kingdom. I have been educated since birth to be a great king. Father calls me a genius and would continuously say that I will surpass him and become the greatest king ever. But I don't care for such accolades. I am in no rush to succeed my father on the throne. What I truly want is to go on an adventure. See the world and traverse the realms. But as long as I am the crown prince, that will not happen. I look at father and notice he seems different today. His usual calm, reserved self is panicked and distracted. "Father. Is something bothering you?" He looks at me surprised and says, "So you noticed. Yes, there is something, but you needn't worry about that. Go on. Your sister seems quite impatient." Louisa is pouting. She is most likely angry at the f
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I open my eyes and jump up. My whole body is in pain. What happened? I look around and see the yellow-haired boy lying next to me. From top to bottom, he is wrapped in bandages. I look at my arm and see I am as well. Did someone nurse us while we were unconscious? We seem to be in a large tent. I exit through the opening of the tent. My eyes squint as the light pierces them. As my eyes adjust, I see a small campfire. Trees surround us and let small amounts of light through. "So, you're finally awake," says a small girl appearing from the grove. She looks younger than the boy, but her tone of voice is more mature. "Who are you? And where am I?" "I am Louisa Borneheimer, a human. I am also the younger sister of that imbecile lying inside that tent." "Human? Wait, does that mean I am in Leagard?" I ask her. She nods her head. "You were summoned here by my idiot brother. I'm sorry that this had to happen to you. This is all my father's doing," she says remorsefully. She pauses and says
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The city is large. Much larger than any city in Ragnarok. We walk towards the northern gates of the city. There is quite a long queue for entry into the city. Everyone in the queue is human, as expected. We walk past the queue and get a lot of protests from furious merchants and civilians who waited for hours in the queue. One of the guards runs from the front of the gate to quell their fury. Louisa shows the guard a small badge. He is quiet for a second then quickly guides us through the gate. "What did you show him," I ask her curiously. "A golden ticket," she says smiling. As we enter through the gate, the bustling city causes me to look around viciously. Everyone seems to be rushing into and out of packed stores and houses are left discarded. The town is like a present with all these decorations hanging everywhere. The guard laughs when he looks at me and says, "It's usually like this, this time of the year. We love being prepared for Tanabata. But I'm sure you know that Tanaba
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A Date and A Shadow
Things have changed. Well, of course, they have. I have been imprisoned for ten months. Because I missed Tanabata ten months ago, Louisa decided that I should go on a date with her. So today, I am touring Mico with Louisa. The organisation still did not get any word from Niklaus. But a tracker they placed on his clothing shows that he is returning from his mission. They said that with his current pace; he will arrive at Mico in three days. Because Niklaus is in possession of a rare magic attribute, Holy Magic, he has become the Hero who will put an end to the upcoming war. So to succeed in the war, he has been training for the past ten months with Raizo and the other Crosses. They say that he is now equal in power to the current Raizo. "Stop staring off into space, you remind me of Callisto when you do," says Louisa pouting as she walks towards the water fountain at Central Square where I have been waiting for an hour. "Sorry, I'm late. There were constantly guys that were bothering
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The Moon Cross, Callisto
"It seems Louisa and her pet found the Soul Eaters. Well, now that that problem is sorted I can go on my next mission." I look at the alley behind me, "Or it seems not." I hear the screeching of a cat crawling through the darkness. "Who's there?" I ask hostilely. A cloaked figure appears from the shadows. "Hello there, Callisto. My name is Joker. I came here from a certain organisation with a..." "Kosen." I blast him with a beam of light causing an explosion in the alley, which interrupts him mid-sentence. I turn around to walk away but then he says, "Now, now. Don't be so hasty." What? How did he survive that? "Don't stare at me like that. You'll make me nervous. Anyway, as I was saying. We have a proposition." He's not your ordinary mage. "Fine, I'll hear what you have to say." "Great," he says clapping his hands. "You don't have to worry. What we want is nothing I, impossible. In fact, it's something we can get tonight. What we want is down there," he says pointing downwards.
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Thunder God vs Necromancer
"You have some nerve showing up in front of me," I say to the cloaked sorcerer standing before me. After leaving Grand Order HQ, I searched the town for the mastermind, I found two individuals who possess frightening power. The one was roaming the town and is currently fighting Callisto. The other was waiting outside of town under a tree. "State your name and reason for being here," I demand. He turns to look at me, his face hidden by his cloak, and just laughs sinisterly for a few seconds, before saying, "Good day, leader of the Grand Order, Raizo. My name is Necromancer and I came here with a proposition." "A proposition?" "Yes. A proposition. We know that your organisation is harbouring a dragon. We want that dragon. So how about it, if you give us the dragon, then I will call back the horde of Soul Eaters below this city." "So in exchange for recalling the horde of Soul Eaters, you want us to hand over Haruki? That's a tempting offer but that little monster is ours. And we take
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Grandpa once asked me a question. "What is the most valued asset on the battlefield?" he asked me. My answer to his question was tactics. He shook his head, saying, "You are partially correct. Tactics are also important. However, it's not the answer I was searching for." Oblivious to what the correct answer was, I decided to ask him. He looked at me with his hazel brown eyes and said, "It's numbers. Even the most powerful of gods and omnipotent beings have fallen to numbers. At one time, even I did." The conversation ended there because he does not like speaking about his only loss. But what seems endless are these Soul Eaters. It's as if they keep increasing in number. With all the punching and kicking, I have already adapted to the warm, rotten feeling as my fist touches their slimy skin. As I kill one, another will attack. Some decide to attack us in packs of five or more. They realise their weak constitutions won't allow them to overpower us and decide to attack using number
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"What are you doing!!" "I-I was just... er... you know..." "Looks to me like you haven't changed, brother. Still trying to get rid of him." "No... wait... Louisa." "Get Out!!" A door slams hard, which shocks me. I open my eyes. Louisa as she takes a seat next to my bed and says, "So, you were awake." "Well, seeing as I have noisy visitors, I think being awake is natural." "Sorry," she says, depressed. "It was a joke. You don't have to worry." I grab hold of the collar. "Louisa," she looks at me curiously. I shake my head and say, "Nothing. It's fine. How long have I been unconscious?" "Just a day. You recover fast." She is quiet for a while. "Haruki," she says, nervous. "I-I'm sorry. I turned out to be useless even though I am a Cross. And now you are injured because of me." "Don't worry about that. If we look at it like that, I was also useless in that fight. It turns out that there's only so much I can do with my current strength." But it felt like I could have done so muc
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