Three men hopped down from a motorcycle, parked it at the back of a tree, and sneaked closer to the mafia king's palace.

A few miles away, the palace stood, shining in its glory and magnificent, and the men turned off the main road, circled the great wall, and soon got lost among the thick forest.

A moment later, they arrived at a hole that was covered with dried leaves, and the man leading them knelled and signaled to others to follow him.

"This is not the way we followed out the last time," Onishi announced with a suspicious glare.

"Ahh, I told you I knew more than four different routes that lead in and out of the palace."

"Okay. Am just a bit scared. This place reminds me of a past that I would have loved to remain buried."

"I understand. Don't we meet inside? But as a prince and a leader, you are supposed to be brave and not a sissy."

"Don't worry prince. He knew his way around here, and we will get your mother out in a few hours."

"Thank you. Let's go."

The three men crawled on
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