When a cunning man dies, it is cunning men like him that will bury him.

Odell was a con man, but that was expected.

Growing up with Madam Shasha will turn a fool into a sage.

So it was of no shock when his scheming mind started planning on how to free himself out of Jade's blackmail.

Although Odell is rich and can afford to let go of the Inn, yet to be outsmarted by a woman is the worst of all insult to his personality. And that was why he decided to strike back.

Thanks to his mother who had always been frugal in her spending, and to Madam Achia who had piled lots of wealth in her treasury, Odell now had riches beyond his dream.

"I will try and bargain with her, but will get rid of her if she proved stubborn," Odell let out, stepped out of his office into the long corridor, and was greeted by all ladies of attendance as he passed.

"This is one of the reasons I can't let go of Johji Inn. Oh, I so much love these ladies!"

But who won't?

Johji Inn is filled with lots of beauty, and you
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