The greatest of all lady Agatha's headaches is how to see men that were bold and secretive enough to follow her.

Of course, all the mafias will be more than willing to do her will, but because of the nature of her adventure, she knew secrecy must be her watchword.

A few days later, a maid was massaging the beautiful woman's swollen legs, and her eyes were concentrated on her mistress's assignment, so she was shocked when she was tapped on the head.

"Enough, please seat down. I want to talk to you."

'Okay, your majesty."

"Where can someone hire bodyguards on this island?"

"Why will you need bodyguards? Thousands of mafias will do whatever work you want to get done."

"Let's assume I need men to do something for me and I don't want to get the royal mafias involved, is there anywhere I can hire such people?"

"There is only one place on this island where such men can be found, Johji Inn."

"Madam Shasha's Inn?"

"Yes. The place is filled with different shady characters and men of easy virtu
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