When faced with things that we believe it's overwhelming, only a few humans will be able to be composed enough to think their way out.

Unluckily for lady Agatha who was one not among the few, she had made a foolish decision and was careless enough to be found out.

But because what we don't know won't harm us, the lady was filled with excitement from her conviction and believed that all her headaches will be wiped off in this place.

The room she is was filled with different mystical objects and furs of unknown animals, and a grave-looking man in dark attire was seen in lady Agatha's front, as he welcomes the woman with a toothless grin.

"Welcome into my humble abode. What can I do for you?"

"A white witch describe this place to me, and some of your colleagues point your house out and I was informed you are a specialist in what I seek."

"Tell me what you seek."

"I seek the love of my husband and the destruction of a woman who wants to pursue me out of my matrimonial house."

"Women are
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