The Chronicles of Kelor: Book One; The Boy Alpha

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The Chronicles of Kelor: Book One; The Boy Alpha

By: Raconteur OngoingFantasy

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Peace has finally come to Kelor but not all is as it seems. Deven, the illegitimate son of the current Alpha, a half-blood and the pack's Beta, has to fight a new threat to the continent of Kelor and in the midst of the struggle, he has to chose between marrying for the sake of his heart or for the game of politics. Sif the leader of the Vikings has had to flee her homeland, leaving her family and some of her people behind. The journey over the ocean has been plagued with death and mutiny. Finally, she arrives on a new continent with a few of her followers. Now she has time to mourn her dead. Now she can build and start again. Or can she? What dangers await her and her people, here in Kelor?

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Chapter 1
I knew I was going to be late. It's funny how parents tend to give so many orders to their children but offer little time for those very same orders to be carried out. I quicken my pace and the drumming echoes of my footsteps bounce off the grey stone walls of the castle corridor. The echoes grow louder and louder by the second, and I catch the attention of a Castle Guard standing near one of the pillars. I don't recognize his face, but the flaming-glare he throws my way sends my spirit into a fighting stance. His eyes are cloudy and swollen. Must be one of those pure-breed lunatics and a drunk one at that. I hold his gaze, hoping he will make this easy, but he doesn't back down. When I get a little closer I let my eyes glow red. He slowly lowers his gaze like a piece of paper sinking to the bottom of a lake. I can’t help but grin as I hurry along the corridor. Why do most of them contend with me? I didn’t choose to be born a half-blood, nor did they choose to be born outside
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Chapter 2
“The timing of this report is troubling,” the King says. “Is there something more to it, my lord?” “The humans have gone to the creatures they fear the most and offered them their blood? And all this at the time we get reports of some human-like beings causing death and destruction to the towns near our south-eastern border.” “My lord,” the queen says. “What do you mean by human-like beings?” “Our commander has received reports of human-like creatures with black eyes attacking two of the towns closest to the border we share with the humans. Apparently, these creatures have killed nearly everyone there and my people failed to kill a single attacker.” The queen widens her eyes and stares at the army commander. “It’s what the report said, your majesty.” he replies as little rivers flow freely down his face. Presently, she narrows her eyes as if peering into the depth of Gunther’s soul, searching for the smallest speck of a lie. Finding none, her face heats up with rage, but like th
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Chapter 3
********** "Our chief will be the first to set foot on the new land." Ragnar had said when we saw a shimmering silhouette, floating in the distance. He is an excellent ally, a great counsellor and a loving brother. If it weren’t for him, I would be dead, me body turning to dust or giving life to the crows and other animals back on our land. If not dead, then I would be drowning in a lake of self-guilt and sorrow or wandering in the dark corridor of me heart, not wanting to get out but to walk forever and find no rest, no light. Me sorrow’s rising to the surface, threatening to overwhelm me. Not now Sif, I tell me-self. Not in front of your people. The voyage across the sea was long, too long. I lost track after sixty-nine suns and sixty-eight moons. After that, we lost 5 ships to storms and 10 ran away on the night of the 27th moon. I don't blame ‘em, but am grateful that Ragnar, me younger brother, is still by me side. I spare a glance at him and our father is engraved heavily in
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Chapter 4
“Marriage! To who?” “Who do you think?” “I wish you and Valark all the best.” “Ha.Ha. Very funny, my love.” Is this really happening? For a short moment my body forgets how to breathe. “Who proposed this plan? Was it your mother?” “Does it matter?” Yes it does. “Well… it….” My heart moves up to occupy the space where my voice originates from. Taking a few deep breaths, I try to regain my trail of thoughts only to abandon them in favour of a new one. “Are you accepting this plan?” “Are you against it?” Will you please, just answer my questions? “I would like to hear your thoughts on this matter.” “My thoughts aren’t important, Prince Deven.” Prince Deven! I’d rather drown in the sea than hear her say my name like that. “Your thoughts are important to me, A’el.” I take her hands in mine and I can feel her trembling. She tries to free herself but I hold on to her. I don’t want to marry her, but I don’t want to lose a close companion either. “Please drop the royal act and jus
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Chapter 5
The first of them charges at me and swings his claws towards me head. I duck under his arm and let Ragnar deal with him. I hear the sound of flesh being ripped apart by steel. “Great Chiefs! What are they?” Ragnar asks. “They are flesh and blood,” I reply without looking back. “Didn’t you see what just happened?” What’s he talking about? I keep me eyes on me next attacker. She approaches me while hopping from side to side. What fighting skill is this? I swing my axe at her head and she crouches under it. Her claws rip into the side of my clothes but do not penetrate the chain amour I have underneath. I turn around and feint an attack from above. As my axe comes down, she steps to one side and I shift my body to adjust the motion and thrust of my axe. Just as I am about to cut her in half, another native pulls me down from behind. I release my axe, hoping that it will do the job, as I roll on my back and pull out my knives hidden in my boots, and remain crouched on the ground. I
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Chapter 6
********** “Prince Deven,” one of my servants calls with his head sticking from the other side of my bedroom door. “Yes?” “Prince Leon’s envoy has arrived.” “Thank you,” I reply as I pull my cloak from my bedside and put on my boots. Perhaps I can get some information beforehand about this blood treaty. I step outside and see the envoy coming up from the gate like a giant serpent. Not a single horseman or carriage is out of line as it moves up the road. Bending its head, it turns and moves on past the main castle door and only stops once the last carriage is in front of us. One of the servants opens the door and a human lady with a lean figure steps out and moves aside. I find her outfit to be rather amusing. Leather pants, a shirt, and light leather armour. I take note of a knife hidden in her left boot. Leon comes out after her. His dark cloak droops around his shoulders just like his black hair. If someone were to take a quick glance at him, they would think that his cloak and
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Chapter 7
********** I wake up before sunrise and make my way to the stables nearby. I tell one of my men to alert the others as I intend to leave earlier than was originally planned. I find the young lady who gave me the letter and give her my response to this friend that I have stumbled on. “Make sure that our friend gets this.” “Yes, or no?” she asks. “You don’t need to know that.” “Actually, I do.” “And why is that?” “I have prepared two methods of delivering your response, but it all depends on your answer. Lying to me won’t help you. Is it yes, or no?” Whatever it is, it’s not like you would confirm it? Or would you? “That would be a yes.” Her eyes glow as she stares at the envelope. She blinks a few times, dispelling the glow in her eyes before raising her head with a smile. “Thank you for not lying to me. I will send it right away, Commander.” She tucks it beneath her cloak and I watch her leave. Just as am about to turn away, she motions to a group of children playing in the s
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Chapter 8
“Leon, it’s so wonderful to see you again,” A’el says. “It’s been too long, my dear A’el,” Leon says as they embrace each other. “And who is this lovely creature by your side?” “Be nice to her, A’el, she’s a friend. Her name is Monica Flaughan.” Monica’s appearance is nothing short of breathtaking. Seeing her with Leon makes me feel like these two creatures of Kelor were meant for each other. “It’s an honour to meet you, Princess,” Monica says as she makes a graceful curtsy. “Oh, my dear, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I wasn’t aware that Leon had friends other than Deven and I. Leon, where have you been hiding her?” Leon goes on to tell the story of how he went to Monica’s town and how he chose her for her prowess with a spear and knowledge of Kelor’s creatures, all the while, never taking his eyes off Monica. Monica on the other hand seems to be aware of it but doesn’t blush or give away any of her emotions apart from the appropriate smile and gentle gaze. Leon goes on to tell t
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Chapter 9
**********A faint, distant echo sings through the darkness. Indistinguishable words fill the air around me. I turn around again and again but the black veil blocks me view. I try to push it aside but me hands aren’t listening to me.Wait! Are me eyes open? Are me hands moving?I try to take in a deep breath but my chest feels like it’s being gently crushed.Am I dying?The echo grows louder and suddenly a white light pierces through the veil. I instinctively try to move towards it but my body won’t listen. I sense that my limbs are still attached to me but I can’t do anything with them.Move! Move! Move!My body ignores my cries but surprisingly, the light responds. It grows bigger and soon it’s all around me. The light pierces through the holes of a woolly blanket made up of pieces with many shapes and sizes. All of them moving in the same direction at a slow pace like a leaf carried by the current of a lazy stream. Tiny pieces of the woolly blanket fall on me face and the impact lea
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Chapter 10
The winged group lands next to the burial site. I’m not sure if it is a coincidence or a show of respect, but I’m grateful nonetheless. After the attack we had last night, we’re in no condition to fight but we would if someone or something insulted us by standing on the graves of our loved ones. One of the armed winged-men begins to draw his sword but is immediately stopped by the younger of the two winged-women with rainbow-like sparks. She places a hand over his and then steps forward from the group. I am surprised by the man’s actions and turn to look at Ragnar. I’m even more surprised to see his axe in his free hand. I didn’t even hear him unsheathe it. I look at my tribe and notice Tumak, and the rest of the tribe, are also armed. The events of the previous night have set them on edge but we don’t need another day of bloodshed. I give them the signal to lower their weapons. They hesitate at first, but eventually Ragnar obeys my command and so do the others. As usual, Tumak is t
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