Rise of the Strongest Soul Mage

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Rise of the Strongest Soul Mage

By: Drew OngoingFantasy

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What greater curse is there, than to be born a mage with no powers? I guess there is none in Namrys where you are only defined by what are__ a hunter, a healer or a human. In this world plagued by vicious soul eaters; who suck the souls of humans for food, you are either a protector or the protected. But there is Sora, a mage with no powers. He has no place in this world and is bullied every single day of his already miserable life. However, one fateful day changed the course of Sora's life. At the brink of death after being injured by a soul eater, he is given a chance to return to life and save his best friend, but on the condition that he takes on the most dreaded task. He has to face the Creator. Now, how does a mage with no powers, come face to face with he who creates soul eaters? Sora agrees, but as he delves deeper into the mystery of the soul eaters, he discovers that his journey may have just begun and the truth behind his rebirth maybe more dreadful than he ever could have imagined. Will he rise to become the hero the world needs or will he fall to the curse of his own weakness?

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  • Adnane Erekraken


    I really love the story, the plot the complexion everything

    2023-04-19 09:19:19
  • Autumn Sanborn


    The books so far is so good I’m completely hooked. The author is building up the plot really well and you see the character not just automatically know everything but instead learn and grow with them. I’m still waiting for more romantic scenes but so far I’m okay waiting for now

    2023-04-14 12:10:53
  • Dreamofme


    Perfect storyline. I love it

    2023-02-25 12:34:02
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78 chapters
Chapter 1 A Rankless Mage
"… Seventeen… eighteen… nineteen… twenty."Konan's hand dropped and the water force he created dropped as well. It was the third time he counted to twenty whilst holding a water force around his prey's head with his face completely submerged in the water__ water he had drawn from the sewage close to them, which he hadn't been bothered to clean out first."Weak bodies can't handle great powers. You still have a weak body."Konan had a low, rough voice that matched his rough exterior. He was a level two mage, a Summoner. One that was feared by other level two and one mages and even some level three. Summoners could draw water from any source, even the tiniest drop of water. He had been the first in their ranks to attain a level two badge and, irrespective of his inability to advance for years, he was still feared because of his intimidating exterior.Games like the one he played now with his prey were fun for him. It gave him the opportunity to exert fear into the minds of mages he cons
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Chapter 2 Namrys
Namyrs was a world of many mysteries and possibilities. Many believed it was one giant bubble of water housing everyone and everything, whilst some believed it was a world made of water but Namyrs was really a world held together by a strong energy torrent, energy derived from water.Namyrs was a world for humans and mages. No one knew which existed first or the true origin of both, but they existed and cohabited together, thanks to The Council. The Council was a unit that consisted of the strongest mages and humans, who ensured that both parties did their duties to maintain balance.Humans lived simple lives whilst mages were specially trained, they had to be. Although they were all born with natural energies, they needed to constantly train to develop their abilities. The Halls of Ivy was Namyrs' academy for mages. The academy housed and trained mages till they were ready to be active parts of the system.To get in, everyone born of mage parents or at least one mage parent was teste
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Chapter 3 Halfling
His face was his second biggest insecurity. With three dot-sized moles on his right cheek, two underneath his left ear, and one over his left eye, he looked like the gods or whatever powers was in charge of creation has used him for creative experiments, botched the job but still went ahead to present him as a masterpiece with "hidden interpretations meant only for the most genius minds."Half dressed, he ran his hands over his body. He stood at 5 ft 10 with a lanky build and without a shirt on, Sora could see every muscle and loose-joint in his torso. He was the opposite of everything he imagined he would be, but he was done wallowing in self-pity. People already did enough of it to last him a lifetime.He immediately threw on a shirt and ran his hands through his hair.Sora got out of his dorm with his cloak on and his up. His plan was to visit the infirmary to get his cut checked out, grab something to eat, then visit the library. The walk from the dorm to the infirmary was a short
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Chapter 4 In Thorns
"There was no one with him when they found him lying unconscious in the field.""Who found him?""Newbies. They were on their way to training. They brought him in."Two healers stood over Sora's unconscious body on the infirmary bed. They both had blue badges attached to their uniforms displaying their ranks."And he had all these cuts when they brought him in?" She asked with her eyes roaming over his body"Yes. They were more than this, but some have closed up. Thankfully they weren't deep cuts. He has been unconscious since the incident but he will be fine.""How about his healing?""I healed him when they brought him in. Thankfully his mage blood works okay for his healing and I have done every other thing necessary, he should be much better by tomorrow."Sora could feel himself waking up. The voices around him went on and on in his ears, he wanted it to stop. He felt the softness of the frame he was laying on, it was not the hard ground he remembered hitting before darkness took
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Chapter 5 Useless
"Let's go" Head nurse moved toward the foot nurse and guided her towards the door. She took one more look at him before walking out of the room but he avoided her eyes.When he was finally alone. Sora took in the room. There wasn't much to it but it was functional. There were also bowls of water at every corner in the room. They were healing bowls, each water bowl would have been infused with mage energy and several other things only Healers knew about to aid his healing process just from breathing them in. That also let him know he would not be able to leave soon.Healers had the ability to heal themselves and others at an incredibly fast rate. The Ivy mages attended to everyone, both humans and mages. Although there was a level to which humans could be healed. Usually, they placed their hands with concentrated healing energy on the other person's injuries, quickly healing the victim's wounds but for patients they wanted to keep for extended periods, they would infuse their healing e
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Chapter 6 Ryo
"Get out of bed dummy."Sora felt a slight push on his body, his eyes opened slightly but he shut them back. He had to still be dreaming.Next, he felt the sheets pulled out from underneath him and thrown over his head."Wake up!"Sora was immediately jolted out sleep. He pulled the sheets off his head only to see someone standing over him blocking his view.Sora had a puzzled look on his face as he began looking to his door then back at the person in front of him then at his door again."What?" Ryo asked"I locked that door." Sora said to himself with an uncertain tone, but he repeated it to the person in front of him in a more assertive tone. "I locked my door Ryo.""Yeah, and I pick locks." Ryo shrugged as a matter of factly.Sora shook his head and ran his hand over his face."You're going to give me a heartache one of these days.""We have great healers at the infirmary. You'll be good in no time." He replied, stepping backwards to give Sora space to get out of bed.Sora got out
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Chapter 7 Hungry
"I can't do that." Sora's feet failed him and he fell into his seat and buried his face in his hands."I would love to do it for you but I won't always be here to help out. Remind me, why can't you do it yourself?""I would get expelled.""Attacking another mage is against the rules. Defending yourself during an attack initiated by someone else isn't.""I can't Ryo, I can't afford to get kicked out of the Academy." Sora raised his head "I have nowhere to go."When people had worried about Sora's condition being contagious, his father had abandoned him the moment he was told Sora couldn't harness his powers. The son of a level three Hunter, with a useless energy. The smear wasn't something he had wanted to be associated with.Besides being fascinated by the Masters, his father was one of the reasons he didn't want to be a Hunter but it didn't matter anyway, he would never get to be anything.Ryo's tone became soft from seeing the fear in Sora's eyes. "He can't keep doing this to you."
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Chapter 8 Meeting
Sora and Ryo sat at the table and ate in silence. Ryo must have been really hungry. Sora watched him gobble down good like he was being rushed but in between his eating and breathing, Sora could see him scrunching his palm once in a while. It had to hurt. He had punched Konan without his mage energy and busted his lip.Konan and his friends had left shortly afterward because their once-occupied seats were now empty.It wasn't the first time Ryo defended him. Although it had never gotten as intense as it did today, Sora knew Ryo would always defend him.Ryo was more handsome than he was—if he was at all. He had the fit Sora had only ever dreamed about and he had developed a few muscles since training with the Hunters. He stood an inch shorter than Sora, but his body made him seem taller.Ryo always had a buzzed cut that gave a full view of his oval face that ended with a stubble beard.Ryo has a face you could describe as happy and approachable, and whenever he smiled or laughed, his e
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Chapter 9 A Soul Eater in the Ivy
The Ivy Hall was massive. Sora had only been in twice. The first was when all new intakes were made to seat in the hall upon entry for the Masters' welcoming and a rundown of obligations, rules, and regulations.The second and last time was during Ryo's selection ceremony a year ago. It should have been his too, but having no powers automatically meant he would not be selected into any faction.The Hall was built as an auditorium with space to accommodate at least a thousand people and a podium, which the Ivy Masters were already seated on with blank expressions on their faces.Ryo moved closer to Sora. "I have to join the Hunters. You can find a seat for yourself."Sora nodded in return."I'll find you after. Just wait at the entrance."Ryo left to find the Hunters and Sora took a seat at the back of the Hall and put his hood up. The last thing he wanted to do now was, garner attention.About ten Hunters were lined up horizontally behind the masters. They had to be the best Hunters t
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Chapter 10 Creepy
His dreams were always the same.It always started with him walking into one of the Ivy training rooms only to see an exact replica of himself training intensely. Mage energy flowed ceaselessly through his entire body as he summoned water from the air and try to hold it in place as it grew in size. It grew bigger but his body would ache all over in return and his clothes drenched in sweat, from having to release so much energy at once.He would stop to rest and even out his breaths, but after resuming his training, nothing would flow out of him. Not a drop of energy flowed even after trying over and over. He would watch himself panic and grow scared from the fear of being powerless.Every single time he dreamed, it was the same and no matter how much he yelled at himself to not take a break and just push through till the end, or take things easy, slow and steady, he didn't seem to hear or notice anyone speaking to him. He always took a break and had the same result every time.Frustra
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