Hidden by the glooming darkness that descended upon the earth at its time, Jade stepped towards the foreigner's headquarters, arrived at the front of the huge gate, then banged on it with all her strength.

"Who is there?"

"Open this gate now."

The guards at the gate smirked at the appearance of the drunk lady who wobbled towards the senior staff's quarters.

"I wonder how a woman will take pleasure in getting drunk," one among the guards spat his saliva out and let out.

"Keep wondering and don't face what brought you here."

"Don't mind that busybody."

The staggering lady seemed to be deaf to her critics but continues her zig-zag movement, stepped into Aries's flat, and collided with the wooden door, as she staggered inside.

Aries was seating in front of a television and he glanced at Jade, grinned, and welcomed her into his place.

"Please come and seat close to me."

"What are you watching?"

"A movie about the zombie apocalypse. It's very interesting."

"I don't care," Jade muttered in a
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