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A goddess girl who loses everything she loves when she is attacked on a special day. After this, she will have to survive in a bloody multiverse where her only family will be a scientist woman and an arms dealer, who will teach her everything they know so she can learn to survive.

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94 chapters
Evening News 1/4
In front of an apartment building, a man wearing a black raincoat entered through the front door.On his way, people only gave him a quick glance, as the man had a shaved head and a long beard.He caught his attention because he appeared to be a European. These stares only lasted a minute before the man got into an elevator.In the elevator, the man looked at his reflection in the metal of the elevator doors and could only smile morbidly.His smile was so creepy that when the elevator stopped two floors up, the woman who planned to use it stared at the disturbed man in the elevator.So she just shook her head and let the elevator doors stop because she did not want to enter that place with that man who seemed to be crazy.The man just kept waiting until the elevator went up to the top floor, where he got off the elevator, and from his trench coat, he pulled out a beautiful black and ivory-trimmed Beretta 92.The pistol had a silencer, so when he fired into the first camera on the floo
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Evening News 2/4
'Continuing with the evening news, today Killian Flanagan the CEO of Flanagan inc. was found innocent after murdering the driver who took the life of his dad.According to reports, Killian Flanagan killed the murderer after repeatedly firing a msg at the murderer's vehicle.After two months of trials, a district judge ruled in favor of Killian Flanagan, who can now enjoy his freedom even if he does not have his dad with him.Undoubtedly a disgrace… 'The television could not continue transmitting as a sword pierced the screen along with a man who was already dead.An Asian woman looked at the corpse with a smile before sending a message confirming the death of her target.'Shina, your next target is in a nearby house. The location is attached to the message.According to intelligence reports, there is another spy in the area. Eliminate him or get him to leave the area before you complete the mission.Shina, with her red eyes, could only frown before taking her sword and shaking it to
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Evening News 3/4
Shina, seeing that she had lost her target, only clicked her tongue and disappeared using a ninja technique while the British woman received a message that almost made her cry.'Isabella, God is furious with your performance. You have to leave Mexico on your own.If you are captured, you will not receive support from the government as you would interrupt the god's sacred plans.'Isabella gave an angry cry and began to run, but not before using her magic to create a false face to prevent them from locating her.Although it was a drastic measure, she had no other choice because her country, on the orders of the guardian god, had been abandoned.As she ran through the roofs, she felt danger approaching where she was, so she jumped back and was able to dodge two bullets.When she saw her attacker, she realized that it was a young man wearing a military uniform that she did not want to see."Stop right now. By orders of the central command of inquisitors, you are under arrest for the terro
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Evening News 4/4
In the van, one of the members of that group took out his cell phone while watching online videos of numerous corpses floating in a large sewage canal."Those insane freaks flushed their sewer system and killed a lot of homeless people who used the sewers as a residence.I don't know if it is a very malicious way of looking for their terrorists or if it is just collateral damage that nobody cares about. "One woman looked at her partner with a mocking smile. "After the things that have been happening in this place.I wouldn't be surprised if they used white phosphorous to eliminate terrorists, but let's face it. Ever since Damian revealed himself to the world.Morality ceased to matter, it only matters what can be avoided. General Babette is an obvious example of governing with an iron fist. "The leader of that squad, a man with gray hair and black clothes, looked at the woman. "I'm surprised you can talk about that insane bitch so calmly.Don't make me remember the case of the child
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The black-eyed girl
In a country house located near the town of San Juan Parangaricutiro in Michoacán, there was a girl with golden hair and black eyes writing in her diary while some shots and screams were heard inside her house.For little Marie, situations like this are quite normal. Since she has a memory, she has always seen her father fight against the evil people who want to kidnap her.When she finished writing in her diary, she could hear the screaming cease as she entered the living room. She could see a lot of blood on the walls and floor.She could also see some remains of intestines and human parts that she decided to ignore and continue on her way to see her father.Marie looks at the kitchen, and she could see somehow many bodies that had bullet holes inside of their skulls.She could even see some bodies with burns. After scratching her small head, she headed towards the basement of the house.Marie downstairs the ladder that reached the basement very carefully to avoid slipping through t
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End of the year tragedy 1/2
Shots were heard in the calm of the forest, and shouts of a woman followed.Hakon and Marie came out from behind the bushes. "Dad, I can see blood and pieces of meat; it seems you managed to hit the rat."Hakon bent down and, with his fingers, touched the blood on the floor and then smelled it. "It seems that the lady did not go far. It is not normal for the bad guys to send women, but it is not something strange either.Dad will show you the best way to kill enemies by being quick and painless.Remember that if you are going to kill, just do it and avoid conversations with the enemy since they will not hesitate to kill you. "While they were walking in the forest, following the blood trail, Hakon put his hand on his daughter's head. "In kindergarten, you won't have to do any of this.But never forget that of your origin, terrible people will always try to attack you, you must be strong.I regret that you cannot have a healthy life, but you cannot choose where to be born, you can only
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End of the year tragedy 2/2
Marie was saddened because her food fell to the floor next to her father's body, but before she could try to see what she could save from the ground.She can see how a bad guy approached her with her face covered. The command tried to run to take Marie.But before he could put his hands on her, he stopped, and blood began to flow from his eyes.The commands could see how his partner's head exploded in the place, creating a small shower of blood that stained Marie's black dress and dirtied her face.The sniper opened fire on Marie, hoping to kill that girl who seemed to be enjoying her friend's death.He completely ignores the woman's order in the Van. Unfortunately for him, his bullet remained floating in the air about 10 cm from Marie's forehead.Marie held the bullet with her small hands and then threw it to the ground. After this, she ducked into her father's body to take her gun.Hakon, who was recovering part of his conscience after the bullet pierced his skull, looked at his dau
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Surprise on the road
A reporter was walking in the disaster zone while a cameraman recorded everything he saw. "We are in the disaster zone.This small municipal head was attacked by a handful of terrorists. Only corpses have been found.The only survivor is a 4-year-old girl named Marie. "Marie, who was being cleansed of the blood on her face, could see how a journalist approached her and swelled to start interviewing her."Little girl, you know what happened in this place. You're too brave to be walking through the ruins."Marie looked at the reporter while clenching her fist. "Bad people tried to kill Marie, but Dad killed one of those bastards who fell, and one of his rockets made a big explosion that killed everyone."The reporter scratched his head and looked at the camera with some doubt and discomfort "And what happened next."Marie put her hand on her chin and closed her eyes. "After that, Dad died again, and Marie had to leave the fountain where Dad had left her."The reporter looked at the par
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Was once upon a time
Pythia took a deep breath and reduced the speed she was driving "Four years ago, an event happened that changed the world as we know it.In Mexico City, an event known as revelation happened, Father or Damian came to this world after his soul will occupy Damian's body who was the same person in this universe. "Marie looked at Pythia doubtfully. "What I could understand is that Damian occupied his body but with another soul."Pythia waved her hand while trying to explain to Marie, "Try to imagine in the following way.If you wake up one day and you realize that your body is the same, but you don't have a dad but a mom.That is a very basic summary of what happened to dad. He collapsed into another world, and his soul occupied his body in this universe.But somehow he decided that he had to go back. That is why he gets the attention of the powerful people, and the fastest way he found was to show his power.In a world where there is only science, the chaos it created was enough to cha
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Arriving at Calmecac
The rest of the way, Marie and Pythia did not talk about anything relevant until the car, was attacked by an armed helicopter that opened fire on the road.Pythia noticed the attack and use the brakes of the police car at once while making an abrupt movement to topple the car.Because of this, the 50 caliber bullets that left the helicopter could not damage the vehicle where they were.Marie looked at her sister with a smile. "That was great, sister, but it is too soon for bad people to attack us.They usually only try once a week. "Pythia sighed and got off the patrol while taking off the rest of the police disguise she had "These evil people are not the ones who always attack you.They are the bastards belonging to the union a group of old men who are engaged in the traffic of artifacts and people.Unlike the garbage that attacks you, this group of strangers does not have a place of residence; that is why they can attack us indiscriminately as terrorists. "Marie could see how her
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