"What can we do about Onishi?" Augur asked, as soon as the three Musketeers gathered after Jade left.

"Harbouring a fugitive is a punishable offence, and will result in generational punishment."

"You don't need to remind us, Aries," Augur smirked back, looked at Priest's face, and resumed his speech, "we are all aware of this phenomenal law, aren't we?"

"So what can we do about him? We can't allow him to be seen with us."

"My question is-" Aries paused his speech, scratched his beardless chin, and resumed after, "is Onishi useful to our campaign?"

"Yes," the priest answered back. "We can't afford the black ninjas' fee, and neither can we rely on the white angels because of Onishi's confession. So our only option is to bring mercenaries from another island to overthrow El Ramon's government."

"Now I understand your point. But how can we keep him safe until he is healed enough to escape Greenwich?"

"That's where the problem lies."

"I have an idea. We can hide him inside one of ou
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