Dressed in purple attire that highlights all her curves and shapes, with a high heel golden sandal, lady Agatha drove out of the mafias palace's gate.

Deep in thought over the recent turns of events, the glooming-looking woman soliloquize alone and was unaware of the car trailing her.

Minutes later, she reached the white witches' village, drove passed it, and arrived at the T -junction, where some men were already waiting for her.

"Hopped into your car and let's go," lady Agatha shouted as she drove past the awaiting men.

"Aye. After you, madam."

Two trucks filled with sourly looking men drove after her, and they all got lost in the dust raised by the tires of their vehicles.

The two trucks were the first to reach the end of the tarmac, and the men hopped down to await her, then quickly circled her as she drove into sight.

Lady Agatha dropped down from her car, walked towards the route that lead to her destination, then signal to the men lagging at her back to walk faster.

"There is
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