Lady Agatha had woken from her slump, and she was seen on her knees in front of the two royal couples who sat on the thrones.

"Can you explain what you seek from the dark witches, and the reason why you went out unprotected, despite my warning," El Ramon's voice boomed with anger in the main parlor.

"I'm sorry, I was desperate and that was why I made such grave mistakes. It's not my fault but the devil's fault," lady Agatha pleaded back.

"Keep the devil's out of this," El Ramon yelled back. "Mortal's will keeps lying against the devil, after perpetrating their evil deed. Am sure the devil will judge you for these lies of yours."

"Can you please explain what your mission with the dark witches was all about? Take note that we already have your accomplice's confessions," Andrea asked.

"I was aware he was arrested along with the rest of his clan," lady Agatha answered back, raised her left arm, widen her palm, and cleaned the tears gleaming on her face. "I went to search for the poison to
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