The moon chased the twilight away and resumed its duty of brightening the sky. And when assisted by the numerous stars, the night was semi-dark, and the grotesque of the men walking in silence became more visible as they stepped closer.

Unexpectedly, the wind became violent and turned into a whirlwind. And the moon and stars were swallowed up by the clouds that promptly emerged from the east.

"It seemed like it will be raining soon," one among the Country P's merchants' guards let out.

"That will be a bad omen. I have never seen rain falling at this time of the year since I was born."

"Lots of things are happening that have never happened before. I guess the world will be ending as predicted one day."

"That is not my problem," another young guard mumbled with a shivering voice. "I pray we don't meet the white angels at their hideout. Am only joining this mission because of the juicy offer, and not because am a daredevil."

"You are nothing but a weakling, hide at my back and I will pr
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