Transmigrating into a World Building Game

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Transmigrating into a World Building Game

By: P's and S's OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Shawn is a guy addicted to WorldBuilding Games. Then he found a game called Creator Sim. After he had almost played the game he slept off and woke up in the game world that he had almost played in real life and from then on he began his life as the creator of his game world. His adventures and watching of the lives, history of the mortals is what makes his job fun. But when he doesn't do any worldbuilding he lives his normal life with human beings and his family and friends.

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11 chapters
Building a World (Part1)
"Shawn!!!!. Come help me with the house work""Coming mum"said ."I just have to finish the conquest of the world" he said."Shawn!!!!""Oh forget it I'll do it later"he said."Coming mum" he said as he clicked on the save button of the game.Shawn Roland was 14 years old. He was a lover of kingdom games,world building games and role playing games. He played worldbuilding games such as Godus, The Universim, Worldbox, Deism and many more. He was literally a freak when it came to those.His family wasn't that rich but they were above average level.So when the game Creator Sim came out he was estactic and immediately downloaded the game.After washing the dishes, Shawn returned to continue playing a kingdom building game."When will you grow up young man. Stop wasting your time playing games" Shawn mum said."You don't understand mum. It feels great to make your own creatures and watch how they live and evolve and also control them" he said."Watch how they live when their watcher doesn
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Building a World (Part 2)
After hours of tapping and holding Shawn finally finished the landscape of the world.The world had a large continent in the north, and three other continents, one in the south and two in the east. The west was made up of a few islands and a small continent.When he was finished he clicked on the confirm button. When he was done he was shown a virtual view of the world he had made. the next part of the tutorial appeared. *For your next task that is the make life to be abundant in the world.*Choose the animals, beasts that you'll place in the world and decide their location.*Shawn felt like he was going to have an headache. After all the earth had tons of different animals. But as soon as the options appeared they were much less than he thought although still a lot.There were reptiles, apes, aves ,pisces, micro organisms, mammals and so on. There was even a tab called mythological beasts.It seems like the programmer's of this game found it stressful to put every single creature on
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Building a World (Part 3)
A marker appeared and Shawn began to draw the race he had in mind. He gave them golden yellow skin, short hair for the males and long hair for the females in the range of Black to Yellow.They had light brown eyes and an average height of 1.75 for males and 1.65 for females. They also had pointed ears that were flat. Meet the Goldorn race.When Shawn was done he began to describe the goldorn race. "The Goldorn race are a race that value honor and command respect among themselves. They are mainly users of mana energy. They have the traits of proud, strong and a determined mindset. But they can also be conservative and very protective of their people.Along with them Shawn bought the elves and humans and was about to place them into the world when...*Ding*Congratulations you have made a new race "The Goldorn race".Congratulations You have received a reward of 1,500CP*"Ok. At least it helped me to minimize my loss of currency from the purchase of the elves" he thought. His total CP
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Life in School Today
"Don't forget your lunch money honey" said Shawn's mum as she placed it into his pocket."Yeah mum. About my phone?" "What did you say young man. You want what" she said."Oh nevermind" Shawn replied "Next weekend it is" he said as he proceeded to the dining table to have his breakfast.After eating his breakfast Shawn proceeded get into the car.His dad whose name was Nick Roland who was an entrepreneur drove him off and his younger sister stacy to school.When he almost got out of the car. His dad said "Don't be blue about it. You should know you're mum""It's alright dad. I'm cool with it" said Shawn."Stacy let's go" Shawn shouted.Shawn opened the back door of the car and brought his little sister whose name was Stacy out of the car."Bye Daddy" said stacy."Bye" said Shawn as he waved his hand at his dad."Goodbye kids" said Nick as he turned the engine on and drove off.Stacy was around 4 years old. Shawn carried her to her class before he went to his.In ClassThe mathematics
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After the scolding session, Emily took Stacy to her room and helped her with her homework.Lucas and Shawn went to their own rooms where the did what they did everyday.For Lucas, he went to his room and started scrolling through his phone. Unlike his elder brother that decided to complete his homework before doing anything else.Shawn wasn't bothered about his phone been taken away because he still had a PC given to him by his dad after he brought a good result home. He turned on the PC after he had completed his homework.He turned the PC on to play some online games. Suddenly he heard *Knock* "Shawn dinner's ready""Alright mum I'll be down there in just a minute" he said.After a few minutes of playing he opened his door and headed straight to the dining room. When he got there, everyone was waiting. His dad nick had just arrived from work. The family prayed before they all began eating."So can somebody tell me how school was today" said Emily."Fine for me" said Lucas."It was
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The First Overseer
The Snake as if it couldn't stand the pain that it was in tried to break free and even raised it's head to bite the wolf.The Silvery White wolf jumped from it's position and while it did so it released another piercing sound wave that made the snake to hit the ground again being stunned.Not wanting to waste anymore time, the wolf raised it's paw and slashed at the snake thereby ending it's life.Even while killing the snake the eyes were still shut. Shawn who had watched this had made three conclusion's. One was that the wolf had somehow involved into having silvery gray fur. Two was that it was good at attacking and it's sound wave howl showed that it was a mana and physical energy user which was rare in the world.Three was that it could still fight and sense the enemy with it's eyes closed only showed that it was a very sensitive wolf. It seems like this wolf has been learning some jujitsu from somewhere.But the next thing that made him shocked was when the wolf went to the riv
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The First Mage
(I'm changing it from 200 years to 300 years so Shawn ended up paying 1,500 CP. As they are some parts of the story that are not explainable in that short period of time. Shawn currently has )*Ding*Congratulations, you have completed the quest of choosing an overseer.**Evaluating overseer's qualities.... Processing CP**You have earned 1,800CP*"That's great" said Shawn.*Actually. based on accessment. The first overseer that you have chosen is only 67% worth the title by evaluation*"What!!"Shawn shouted.*By requirements, the overseer has a rare skin colour of the region, it is a user of both energies of the world and is at a high level for the world currently due to it's good level of energy usage**Also wolf is the first overseer which is the why you were given the huge amount of CP*"But not an overpowered one. I see what you are trying to say system thanks" Shawn said."But now I want to see the history of the races for the last 300 years"The watch panel instantly changed to
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Hidden Quest
*Ding* Congratulations, you have made a mage staff*Kadan looked at the staff in his hand."I wonder how I can channel it using my mana energy into it" he thought as mana swirled around his fingers before he inserted it into the mana crystal.The gem glowed and but there was no reaction from the gem as it kept absorbing the mana that he had inserted into it. "Hmmm" he thought as he held the staff with his fingers and channeled mana into the staff making it glow again before releasing another beam of light."There has to be more things that this staff can do apart from just shooting rays of light"After a few days of practicing and experimenting, Kento managed to reach a conclusion.For him to channel and use the mana energy around the crystal at a faster and effective pace then he had to concentrate on using the staff to gather the mana energy through the crystal rather than using his hands and fingers.If you used the crystal instead of his fingers he could manage to control the man
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Matters to attend to.
Shawn opened his eyes. He was back at home and his alarm was ringing. It was 5:00 am. "Better wake up and get ready before mum comes banging on my door" he said as he got up and went to the bathroom. He got into his school uniform and got into the car along with Stacy. Lucas had already gone to follow the bus. Nick drove his kids to school where he dropped them off and went to work. Shawn got out of the car, brought Stacy out of the car and took her to her class before he headed to his. As he was walking to his class he saw a group of boys around a certain figure. Richard Dawson. He looked away and decided to continue walking to his destination. Suddenly, the boy that he didn't want to meet came to him. "Hello Shawn," Richard said. "Good morning" was Shawn's reply before he headed to the classroom. But before he could do that, a hand stretched out and barred the door. It was one of Richard's minions. "Now now, why are you in a rush? '' said Richard. "I just want to receive my hom
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Technology Tree
Shawn had trouble taking the book as it was a very big one. He returned back to his seat in the library and began to open the book.When Stephanie came to see what he was reading she exclaimed"Woah. Dude don't tell me that you want to finish a whole book like that in two days"'I just think that I could learn something from reading it. After all, there are a lot of books on the internet and some are just rubbish" Shawn said."Then might I suggest that you do something," Stephani said."Yes I'm listening" "Why not just speed through the book and jot down a few keywords to use and research on the net. After all there are computers in the library and you won't have to spend weeks at home reading an entire encyclopedia before you even start to write""Good Idea Steph. I'll do it" Shawn said as he started to look at the chapters of the books and scanned through the first few words on them. Holding his notebook and his own he joined the main points of some chapters he found to be interes
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