The night was in deep darkness, because the sky was devoid of stars, and the tiny light from a torchlight lead the way and was followed by two mafias and the two newly employed ladies of service.

Minutes later, they arrived in front of the big black gate, knocked thrice, and the smaller section of the gate was opened by a tough-looking mafia in a red uniform.

"Welcome. Please come in, her majesty is waiting for you."

The four newcomers stepped into the mafia main palace, walked through the grassland and arrived in front of a gate that is guarded by another sect of mean-looking mafias.

"We are here to see her majesty."

"Welcome. Please drop all your weapons here and followed me."

Various weapons that were made of iron were brought out of the hidden places and dropped beside a pole.

"Any other weapons with you?"


"And the ladies?"

"They don't have any weapons with them."

"Hey... Look up. How come she resembles her majesty? Is she her younger sister?"

"That's why we are here."

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