Jade wasn't sleeping and had heard the splashing of the gasoline as it was poured from outside.

As a result of the overwhelming smell, she needs no soothsayer to inform her of the content that was poured inside or the reason for such absurd action.

"Hey get up, we need to get out of here."

The tall man grunted back, rolled on his back and snore louder.

She knew she had no choice than leaving the drunk and sleeping man, so she stood up, whacked the heavy stool on the wooden window and hopped out of the room.

To make judicious use of the large land, the formal owner of the Inn had joined all the lady's rooms with the Inn's wall, and the windows lead directly out of Johji's fence.

Constructed over a large wasteland, few people had the resources to build their houses in that area and those who can afford it preferred to spend their money in profitable places and not in a slum with the commoners. As a result of this, only the Inn stood in his glory among the vast land that is now covere
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