To claim Andrea was relieved when she found out that the corpses were that of two males was an understatement, she was extremely delighted.

In as much as she couldn't reckon how Jade had disappeared from the room and was replaced by a man, the fact her wild friend is alive made her smile boldly as she walked into El Ramon's section of the room, stooped to pet the wolf who yawn lazily on the doorway, stepped over it and emerged in the presence of the prince in white short and singlet.

"I have good news and a bad one. Which one should I tell you first."

"The bad news first. At least, I will use the good news to console myself."

Andrea pushed him feebly to the chair, leapt on him and removed the medallion on his neck then let out, "this is mine now."

"And the good news is that Jade is alive? Well, your both are bad news to me because will be losing the treasure I cherished so much." El Ramon snorted out with a disappointed gape.

"So sorry, my dear husband. A promise is a commitment and
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