To lady Agatha, everything is fallen into place as she was marched through the corridor, on her way to the cell in the dungeon.

When they reach the way that leads to her compartment, she hesitated, turned about, and begged the two mafias at her front," if I will be spending the night in the cell, then I must go with my night pills. Please allow me to pick them up in my room."

Knowing she won't grow wings and fly off through the window, the mafias looked into each other's eyes, shrugged and lead her towards her apartment, then waited at the door when she stepped inside.

After closing the door, she walked into her room, then towards the telephone fixed on the wall, dial some numbers, cupped her palm over her mouth and muttered, "hello," as the call was picked at the other side of the line.

"Yes, who is on the line?"

"Lady Agatha. Everything is set, let the men come now."

"At the designation place?"

"Aye. They should start coming now, and hide along the way she will be passing."

"Okay. I
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