L For Luciel

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L For Luciel

By: AyeshaM OngoingFantasy

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Princess Alora has to face a difficult situation before becoming the queen of the Vampire World. It demands life of an innocent. She is reluctant to kill someone for the sake of her throne, but to save her father's legacy, she HAS to do it. Will she be able to take away someone's life? Or will she sacrifice the legacy because of her soft heart?

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The Verdict
The court room is full of people _ more like, with VAMPIRES. The judges are sitting, talking to each other before giving the verdict. "Let's hope we win". Alora wished. She was about to cry.Princess Alora Seawright_ daughter of former king,Corbin Seawright. A silver haired, grey eyed vampiress, the most beautiful vampiress in the vampire world. It is famous that Alora was the dream of Charles Heathman. A vampire who once ruled the whole vampire world. He saw a girl in his dream who, when took birth, became a sign of pleasure for her people. She took birth in Seawright Family, one of the powerful vampire family. Her mother, being a human gave birth to the DREAM OF CHARLES HEATHMAN_ she was named Alora, the dream. The day she was born was the day when, Charles recovered from a fatal disease which he got by a werewolf's bite. His recovery was associated with Alora's birth and soon the baby became famous among the vampires and they started calling her THE HEALER and this is how the dr
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Dig Into The Details
As Alora, Elle and Dan came out of the courtroom, the lawyer stopped them."What's up, Ron?". Elle asked."I just wanted to tell you that the time starts tomorrow morning at 8:00. It would be better to learn more about the guy and go to the human world as soon as possible". Ron told."Sure, Ron". Elle smiled."Wait, who IS the guy?". Alora inquired.Ron smiled and shook his head. "It's not me who'll tell this to you, princess. I don't know who he is. It's better if you go to Jade". "Jade?". Elle thought for a while.Alora's eyes widened. "Jade, Magician?". "Yeah". "Ooh.. the pro in black magic, right?". Dan asked."Yeah". Ron chuckled."Okay?". Elle was biting her lips. "I don't feel like I should send her to that cave, it's so creepy". "He's the biggest supporter of The Seawrights, Madam". Ron told. "It's more than safer". "Hmm". Elle nodded. "I'll talk to her grandparents before sending her there". "Sure Madam, allow me to leave now". Ron asked for permission."I'll wait for y
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The sun was setting in the west, as Alora and Dan walked towards the cave. It was located in the deep forest where no one used to go at that time of the day.It was spooky and dark. But for the vampires like Alora and Dan, it wasn't scary at all.Alora was dressed in a white, sleeveless dress,which dripped down royalty from every corner. She walked side by side with her friend. "Can we take Ron with us too?". She asked innocently."Like I said before, let's keep him waiting here for you. It'll be more exciting". Dan replied. "But ask Jade, he'll know better". He said and started taking faster steps.After walking past some big, old trees, they stopped. There was a cave, quite ancient. A lot of bats rested outside the cave and there was a lantern hanging in the middle of the entrance."It's here". Dan told."Cool". Alora looked around. As soon as she reached the entrance, all the bats flew and sat on the ground, dunking their heads down."They're welcoming you". Dan smiled."Uh_ thank
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The Address
At dawn, the Vampires gathered outside The Seawrights Mansion.As soon as Alora came to know, she went outside to address them.There was a big crowd and it was too noisy. People were again raising the slogans against the Scarrows. It took a while to calm them down."Listen, my people, my mighty vampires!". Alora waved her hand at them.Silence prevailed among them. "I, Alora Seawright, daughter of your cherished king, Corbin Seawright, would not let you down and I will return with the soul of the chosen one". She announced. "We have gone through so much together. The battles between us and the werewolves are our history,The power and majesty is our legacy and you people are the protectors of our history and legacy. Before I leave, I want you people to know that I don't want to take away someone innocent's life. But as we are compelled, I will do it. Always remember _ I will do this against my will. And I want you people to obey me after I do this. No one should feel reluctant to sac
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Welcome To The Human World!
Alora packed her necessary things up and was ready to leave. She came downstairs, Darius and Ashley followed her carrying her and Dan's bags. "I'm leaving, Pa". She said sadly.Elle, Stephen and Veronica were standing in the living room, waiting for her."God speed you, my dear". Stephen smiled and hugged her."I'll miss you all". Alora tried not to cry."We will miss you too, but it's just six months, they'll pass soon". Stephen consoled her.Alora then moved to her grandmother. "Ma? Wish me luck". Veronica pulled her into her embrace and cried. "Good luck". After then, Alora moved at her Mother. Elle smiled and gave her a warm hug. "Return with the soul, otherwise, don't come back. You're the hope of our people, and the future of our world". "Sure, Mother". Alora pulled herself back. "You'll find the chosen one in New York City, the city of lights.. be so careful and don't let anyone recognize you". Jade instructed."Noted, Jade". Alora smiled. She looked around and fixated he
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First Night In NYC
At night, Alora got dressed into a magnificent grey dress Harvey bought which perfectly suited on her. She wore some make up and combed her hair.Dan opened the bathroom door and came out, half naked. He was drying his hair with the towel. "Good thing I took a bath-". He stopped talking as he saw Alora. "God! Is that you? Alora?". Alora turned back. "What? Am I looking bad?". "Absolutely not! You are looking like a queen!". Dan examined her dress. "It fits you, seems like it was specifically made for you". "Oh shut up, Dan". Alora giggled. "You're gonna rule men's hearts tonight!". "Seriously? There will be dozens of girls more prettier than me". Alora said. "All fake.. they would have wore make up weighing one kilogram, dresses on rent, spent six hours in salons AND lenses in their eyes.. you? You're all natural". Harvey entered the room."Exactly". Dan nodded.Alora blushed and looked down. "Mind putting on some clothes, Dan? That towel around your waist is at the edge of fall
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The Next Morning, Alora and Dan stood talking in the balcony, it was about to rain."God! That rum is all over my head". Dan said, rubbing his temples."Is it hurting?". Alora asked."Not just hurting.. it's HOWLING_ like a werewolf". Dan responded.Alora chuckled. "It's been a long while since I saw Gary"."Gary? Oh! The werewolf? Yeah, he's like the part of our past now.. Alice badly betrayed him". Dan said. "She's a slut.. she was in a relationship with a werewolf, a human AND a fellow Vampire at the same time". "Hmm". Alora nodded."Guys! Come here". Harvey shouted from inside.Alora and Dan headed inside. Harvey was standing in the living room, dressed in black pant suit. He was holding some keys."Wassup? You going somewhere?". Dan asked with his hands in his pockets."Ofcourse! It's Monday.. I have to go to the office". Harvey replied. "Ooh!". Dan nodded. "Anyways, these are your apartments' keys". Harvey threw the keys on the table. "I'll text you the address, go and have
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The New Home
In the next morning, Harvey left for work and strictly told Dan to go and see the apartments. Dan obeyed and took Alora to the new home."I hate this life". Alora commented as they walked towards the new apartments."Yeah.. I was a human too but I love OUR life". Dan responded. "Hmm.. nothing's the same in this and our world, EXCEPT _ for the selfishness and greed". Alora said, pointing at a thief who just snatched a woman's handbag."Yep". Dan agreed seeing."Should we help?". Alora asked, looking at the lady."An officer ran behind the thief. Don't worry". Dan said. They started walking again. The landlord was standing at the foot of the apartment building."Hello, you might be Dan?". He greeted."Yes it's me.. hi". Dan shook hands."I'm Hugo". The man said with a smile. "Harvey's a good friend of mine.. he requested me to show the apartments to you myself"."Oh! That's so nice of you". Dan said. "Thank you".Hugo nodded and moved to Alora. "You must be his wife? But why did you
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The Club
In the night, Harvey arrived at Alora's apartment and chatted for a while. "We are getting closer!". He exclaimed happily as Dan told him about Peter. "Ofcourse we are.. and the throne's her right". Dan nodded."Let's not talk about this.. can we play something?". Alora asked."Let's go to the club". Harvey said."I'm in". Alora raised her hand. "I mean, I am bored"."Me too". Dans stood up. "The same club, right? Neil's". He winked at Alora."What?". Alora asked. "Why did you wink at me?"."You blushed". Harvey responded. "On his name"."Shut up! I didn't". She rolled her eyes."My apologies". Harvey chuckled. "You should dress up". "I won't dance today". Dan said."Why?". Harvey inquired. "The girls _ they annoy me". "You can be gays again". Alora suggested."Oh! You saw that?". Harvey giggled. "Ofcourse! It's not like I was talking to Neil and was oblivious to my surroundings!". She replied."Well, it was legit!". Dan said."Let's do that again tonight". Harvey eyes darkened.
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Piece Of Information
"I never thought this would happen to me.. I never even in my dreams thought of coming to this world and playing with the hearts of innocent men.. I feel sorry for flirting with Allen and what I'm gonna do with others.. Peter and Neil and many more". Alora talked to herself, standing near the window, facing the city, drowned in darkness. "I promise myself.. I will change this stupid tradition. I will prove to be the dream of Charles Heathman". "I hadn't even confessed, Jade". Ron was sitting in Jade's cave, sobbing and crying his heart out. He was so restless since the day Alora left and wanted a shoulder on which he could cry. Jade sat in front of him, silently observing him. "I loved her.. and I was surprised to hear that she loved me too. But she has backed off, Jade". He continued to cry. "I'm really sorry, Ron. But you both were never destined to be together". Jade said. "Then why did I fell for her?". Ron asked."It was a test ofcourse. And you can only succeed in this test
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