Andrea had slept for a very long time and it was of no surprise when she was seen playing her piano and singing along when the rest of the inhabitants of the island were in the bed.

A long time ago, a poor farmer was working on his farm with his wife and two daughters when they brought the corpse of his son who had been knocked down by a hit-and-run truck driver.

Since they usually leave for the farm in the morning, the oldest of the children always stays behind to cook the meal for the rest of the family, and he was bringing this when he was mistakenly hit by a truck whose brake suddenly became faulty.

"Oh, my poor son. The gods are wicked and I will henceforth cease paying obeisance to them," the sad farmer's wife cried out at the sight of her mutilated son."

"Ahh! Say no evil about the gods. If this does not happen, who knows what will happen?" The man consoles his wife as sympathizers gathered to bury the dead.

"Do not stop me from speaking my mind. The gods have erred me by tak
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