The open space of the mafia palace was filled to the brims with the feet of maids, mafias, and sympathetic inhabitants who came to pay their last respect to the departing soul.

Cries and wails boomed as she was lowered into the six feet of the ground, and songs of adieu were rendered as sands were poured on the remain of lady Agatha.

A moment later, the teary eyes of all the people became bright at the sight of a delicious meal, and their cries soon gave way to laughter when several locally made liquors were served in big jugs.

When the sun was about to go for recess for the twilight to take over, everyone gathered in front of the podium, and they were seen swaying their head and dancing to the fable narrated by Andrea.

Thousands of years ago when the earth is populated by animals and other powerful spirits, a great famine descended upon the animal kingdom and they soon start dying from hunger.

When the handshake goes beyond the elbow, the tortoise decided to visit the great troll
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