Andrea and El Ramon were deep in conversation when Zuma entered the large parlour, bowed and stood with rapt attention as the two royal couples whispered among themselves, giggled at their jokes, and then peered at him.

"How was the assignment?"

"Done, your highness."

"Did you have any remorse for killing him?"

"None, your highness. I must obey the order and not be ruled by my emotion."

"How about your men's training with the foreigners' seafarers?"

"Going on smoothly. I was with them yesterday and am amazed at their improvement. They will be going into the deeper side of the sea for more training soon."

"Tell them to be careful, the foreigners are not to be trusted."

"They were all aware that they were amid enemies and I expect them to look after themselves always. Nevertheless, I will remind them of the necessity of always being cautious around all foreigners."

"Have they made their desire known to you?" Andrea who had been listening to the ongoing conversation raised a question.

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