Thrilling Storm

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Thrilling Storm

By: Raising Moon OngoingFantasy

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On her wedding day, Crown Princess Consort Qing Yue meets an untimely end in the hands of scheming concubines and hidden forces. Transmigrated into the future, she begins a new life as Qing Yue, the daughter of a rich businessman. Set to marry her childhood fiancé, the young woman finally decides to let go of her past and live in the present. However, just when everything seemed to be going well, the past repeats itself, and Qing Yue dies in her 'soon-to-be husband' lovers' hands. In the throes of her impending death, she cries for another chance. A chance to live for herself and no one else. As if pitying her, heaven grants her her final wish. Only there was a twist... She was no longer in the future she came to accept but was sent back to the past she strived to forget. To the night before her wedding day... In this tumultuous and turbulent time period, how will Crown Princess Consort Qing Yue manage to safely navigate through the schemes and conspiracies of the Imperial Palace, while defending against a hidden enemy? Join us in this thrilling storm to find out!

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  • Hawa Abdi


    Good start so far.. we have plot and issues that are gonna need solving slowly popping up. The characters build is smooth as well...

    2022-03-13 08:30:27
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89 chapters
The Crown Princess Consort
The poison suffocated her. It wrecked her body in agony as harshly as if the pain had been fueled. She could hear the laughter, even in the semiconscious state, even with the poisonous ants and scorpions crawling over her body like grains of sand. The boisterous; the endless roars of cheers over music. It filled the gaps between her screaming. A spacious room of crimson in the heart of a golden clad Imperial Palace, little more than a cage of superficial beauty amid the sea of gorgeous palatial structures. That's where they had put her. Sealed her. In a wedding room built for some forgotten princess. As she would likely be forgotten. It was better than the alternative: to be remembered for her obedience. Her cowardice. If there would be anyone left to remember her. If there would be anyone left at all. She would not allow it. That obedience. That cowardice. She would not give them what they desired. No matter how often her screams drow
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18 Years Later
-LiLong Country, Long Capital City, the year 2048- Qing Yue stood before her queen-sized mirror, the wind blowing through the open window plucking at strands of her sleek, knee-length black hair as she put on her pair of black studs. Her grey blouse and floor-length heavy grey skirt covered all her curves, but they did nothing to reduce her radiant beauty. Having just turned 18, Qing Yue exuded the fresh aura of youth and enchanting glory of a blossoming, dignified flower that could not be looked upon with profanity. Running a hand through her thick black mane, she straightened the wayward strands, grabbed her diamond purse, and went out the door. She took the spiral stairs two at a time and shouted into the kitchen as she passed by the ballroom-sized dining hall. "Aunt Li, I am going out with Yei Yi and a few friends. Tell Dad not to wait for me for dinner!" "Okay, honey! Take care and have fun!" "I will!" She sprinted
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The Farce Outside The Ivy Club
Grabbing her diamond purse, Qing Yue hopped out of her hover and pressed the purple button on her blouse sleeve. "Have a wonderful time, Master!" The hologram screeched robotically as the hover blinked twice and went dark. Diamond purse clutched in hand, Qing Yue smiled and walked towards the revolving glass doors. As she passed a group of four descending from their own hover, her bracelet caught in her purse. Then, an unexpected gust of wind blew and her black hair flew in her face, blinding her vision. "This wind just had to blow at this time!" She stopped in her tracks, her fingers flailing around her face as she tried to remove the troublesome curls. "Maybe it's time to have a haircut!" She turned while grumbling under her breath, her fingers entangled in the long strands. Bang! Right at this moment, a powerful force collided with her, causing her to lose her balance and fall backward. Stunned and caught off guard, Qing Yue
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Li Qing Yue
Qing Yue gaped. The woman's outrageous claims surprised her. Speechless, she stared at the other in disbelief. She expected the drama to end. After all, a crowd had gathered and they appeared like clowns as they argued in public. What person in their right mind would make a joke of themselves in front of an audience? Internally shaking her head, Qing Yue threw her a disgusted glance, turned on her heels, and headed towards the rotating doors. 'You might want to make a fool of yourself, but I am not interested in accompanying you in the act.' Unaware of the other's thoughts, Lu Jin felt victorious when she saw the sketchy girl silently walk away. Branded with the label of a seductress, she wanted to see who dared to take her side. Sure enough, when she glanced back at the spectating crowd, she heard them remark about the wretched girl's questionable morals. "With such an innocent face, she actually seduced another woman's man?"
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Li Qing Yue Part 2
The moment Qing Yue entered the dimly lit club, rows of black-uniformed females greeted her at the door. "Mistress, welcome." "Your friends have already arrived. They are waiting in the room reserved for you." The manager stepped forth and politely gestured in a welcoming manner. "Thank you, Manger Hua. You ladies go and do your things. No need to concern yourselves with me." With a slight nod, she walked past them and proceeded towards the private elevator. The female manager and waitresses reflexively bowed as she passed them, backs bent straight with hands on their belly. Once her steps left their sight, they straightened their posture and turned, sending off the young lady with awe-filled eyes and envious sighs. "Sigh, our young mistress turned 18 only a week ago, but she already radiates the aura of a noble heiress." "She is the only daughter of Chairman Li. I would be more surprised if she didn't give off a noble presence
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Servant's Daughter
Even to her own ears, Qing Yue's voice sounded breathless.She blushed. She couldn't help it. Tang Fang had that effect on her.As the only male she knew in this world, the gentle and refined aura he gave off made her feel comfortable and at ease.His polite manners, gentle demeanor, and reserved aura resembled that of the noble young masters she grew up with."Yue'er, are you not feeling well? Do you want me to help you to the medical cabin?" Tang Fang frowned upon seeing her huddled form and red face."May I?" He sat on a corner of the couch and tentatively placed his hand on her forehead, checking her temperature.Qing Yue cringed, his cool hand making her shiver.Looking around, she noticed the girls sitting beside her were absent, the couch empty on either side.Traitors.Sighting them on the dance stage, she couldn't help but feel resentment as her muscles tensed.How was she going to interact with Tang Fang
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"Aunt Li, is Dad back?" Qing Yue walked into the open-island kitchen and withdrew a bottle of water from the fridge. She hadn't had anything to drink before leaving home, and she never drank at parties; who knew what they added in them. And after her sudden explosion of anger, she felt as parched as if she was a fish laid out to dry in the sun. Carrying the bottle in one hand, she set her purse on the kitchen counter and moved to the glass cabinets. "No, honey, your Dad isn't home yet. You guys returned early. Have you had dinner? What would you like to eat tonight?" Aunt Li followed her into the kitchen and held her hand, leading her back to the kitchen counter before returning to the cabinets. "Qing Qing, I told you many times not to enter the kitchen. It's beneath your status. But you never listen." She brought out a glass cup and walked to Qing Yue's side, and unscrewed the cap as she gently scolded. Qing Yue smiled. "Sorry
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Father 2
Back in her room, Qing Yue threw her purse and flapped on her bed. She was tired. Living in a world where everything was different, where everyone behaved differently, sapped her energy, leaving her tired and drained. She was confused. If the heavens wanted to give her a chance at life, why did they keep the memories of her previous life intact? Why did they send her to this strange world with the memories of her original world? Why...this world at all? As her violet eyes roamed over the luxurious room with its splendid decorations and purple lavender petals were strewn around, loneliness and desperation oozed off her slender frame in surging waves. "How long...? For how long will I continue to live in the illusions of this dream?" With a heavy heart and disoriented mind, Qing Yue fell into a deep slumber. * "Save us! Somebody save us!" "My baby! My baby is in the fire!" "Move! Mo
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New World Formation
Hearing the timid call, the stoic-looking, middle-aged man turned and swept his cold eyes over her. Seeing her bowed head, for a split second, an imperceptible frown appeared on his cold face that mirrored his eyes. Then wordlessly, he turned and proceeded to the dining hall. "Come. It's dinner time." His voice was cold, devoid of all emotion. Qing Yue wiped her sweaty palms on her skirt, her heart beating rapidly in her chest as she took a deep breath and braced herself for another meal in tense silence. Then she gracefully descended the last steps and walked into the hall. The dining hall of the Li Mansion was huge. Diamond chandeliers hung from tall ceilings that stretched as high as the second floor, and mosaics of the era before the New World Formation adorned the glass walls. Bright, creamy moon rays streamed through the one-way grey glasses and illuminated the green vase with white-red lilies sitting on the only glass table in the cente
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New World Formation 2
Her Dad's stepmother, the legal wife of Patriarch Li, schemed and plotted his mother's death with a group of thugs. Low-born and raised in dark alleys, the thugs had zero principles and no morals. As individuals with no bottom line, seeing a beautiful and graceful woman, awakened other thoughts in their vile minds. The thugs performed unmentionable deeds before fulfilling their mission and killing Li Chen's mother. In a twist of fate, the young Li Chen that was still grieving, overheard his stepmother gossiping with a group of friends on how she took care of his mother. Hearing the woman of his so-called father had a hand in his mother's death, Li Chen lost his fuse and raised a storm. Before the nation's media and under public view, he severed all ties with the Li Family and left the Li Ancestral Mansion with only the clothes on his back. Following that, the Great War descended. Using all his savings and the little connection
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