Alchemy Of Soul, Human And Demon Battle

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Alchemy Of Soul, Human And Demon Battle

By: Kaiwen OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Erland Beardsley, a demon in disguise and living in wizard territory. Erland uncovers the disappearance of high-level witches which is used as the summoning of the spirit of Juliana, the fairy who sealed Casey in Drake's hill. Casey, the demon who once destroyed the land of Monesta, after tricking and marrying Juliana. Erland is also involved in the battle with wizards, fairies and dragon groups to kill Casey who will soon emerge from the veil of broken magic. However, during the trip. Erland realized that many demons had fled from the territory and joined the other witches to live. They messed up the Monesta country, making Erland get rid of them without mercy. But, can Erland also get rid of Casey? A father who washed Erland as a baby before being sealed by Juliana, his wife. Cover free by Canva

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A Demon
The world has changed. Monesta Country suffered a setback in just one night. All because of Casey, a demon who has been sneaking his life among fairies for years.Casey even married a fairy named Juliana and had a son. However, Casey is locked up in a magic veil belonging to Juliana, the wife who takes responsibility even though she is deceived by Casey, Juliana sacrifices her life for the peace of Monesta.After many years have passed, the magic veil that confines Casey begins to weaken, creating a rumor about the way Juliana's spirit summoning ritual is circulating affecting the residents. Until the rumor reached the ears of the fifth king of Monesta, Burke Dalbert."Drown a high level wizard in the river Elmer!" That is the order of the king of Monesta country.Elmer, a river that stretches wide and long. Until the water boils down to Drake City, the ice hill where Casey is locked up. The drowned witches wish their souls to summon Juliana's spirit, and seal Casey back."Quickly thr
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Casey and Juliana's Son
The demonic magic veil that Erland created disappeared in an instant. Baul Bart was silent, during his decades of life. Even high-level wizards, their magic veil will slowly disappear.Could it be because Erland Beardsley is the mixed blood of the fairy Juliana and the demon Casey? Then Erland was adopted by a wizard from the Beardsley family. The number one greatest group of wizards in Monesta."Disappearance of high level wizards," Erland paused and looked at Baul Bart who immediately smiled, "I think they were sucked in."The smile on Baul Bart's lips instantly disappeared. "What do you mean they were smoked, sir?"Erland stared at the last traces of the common man just now. "Same as the man earlier. They disguise themselves and live among the witches."That's something Erland Beardsley quickly realized. The demons who fled while Casey used the power to form Myron's symbol, then crossed the river Elmer. Surely they are tired of living in peace and start making trouble."Demons abso
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Inducements And Threats
After getting information about the Monesta king from Daran. Baul Bart is seen running fast and entering an old house. Baul's breath hitched immediately, instead of directly conveying the message. The former prime minister sat down. "Sir ...." Erland was busy wiping the sword. "Why?" "King Burke Dalbert is on his way to the elf quarters." "Why is that coward going there?" asked Erland with his eyes not looking at Baul at all. "Casey's magic veil is broken and will open in a few days. The king seems to have ordered three groups to gather and fight Casey," Baul said in a hurry. "Oh." "Sir," Baul protested seeing Erland's casual reaction. Erland's eyes rose and looked at the panicked Baul. "Keep going?" "The veil of magic will open and the demon king Casey will come out!" "Isn't that great? That way I can see my father's appearance," Erland said, making Baul panic even more. "Sir. If Casey returns, then the land of Monesta will be destroyed!" Erland grinned. "Not all demons a
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Alliance Formation
After hearing that there was a possibility that a demonic group would be lurking. Daran just kept walking next to Erland. And Erland regretted his actions that brought people suggested by Baul Bart. Daran wouldn't be a partner when there was an attack, it would actually trouble Erland."Shouldn't we go to the Beardsley residence first?" asked Daran surprised because Erland kept walking.Erland's eyes glanced at the Beardsley residence which could be found after turning left. "Why? You want me to go home and get a carriage? Then go to the palace using it like a woman?"Daran took a deep breath. "Aren't you tired of walking all the time? Even going to the palace takes all day."Erland grinned. Maybe for a magician, walking would be exhausting. But it's different with Erland who comes from the devil group. Moreover, Erland inherited the blood of the king, also the blood of a fairy.Erland's guess was absolutely right. After night came, Daran insisted on staying at an inn. Bancroft, every
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"Her Highness the princess, Adaline. Shouldn't you be having magic class in your room?" offended one of the witches.Princess Adaline did not answer the witch's question. Precisely the eyes stared very sharp at Erland. Then irritably walking ahead of all the envoys, Erland grinned at the departure of the daughter of the king of Monesta."Sir, how did you know Adaline's daughter?" Daran asked curiously.Erland walked again. Choosing not to answer, clearly made Daran gasp in annoyance. While one of the magicians named Dixon approached, the third son of the Blackton family, the smith of magic swords and weapons."You are the guard, but don't you know that Mr. Aaron often takes Erland to the palace? Erland and daughter Adaline have often played together since childhood," Dixon told him.Laura pricked up her ears. Then the eyes stared at Erland's back which was getting farther away. Even so, Erland still knew that Laura was looking at him. Until Erland turned around and met Laura's gaze."
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Erland was still on a tree branch. Eyes lurked on that demon from the Bavol faction. The human body, but the right hand is like a spider. The male demon seemed to be peeking at the witches, fairies and dragons from behind the trees. Right below it."That net you're making, is it to trap your breakfast tomorrow?" asked Erland managed to make this demon raise its head and show a surprised expression.The demon rushed away, but soon grinned. "Only wizards are good at swords, why come out of the magic veil? Not afraid to be eaten by me?"Erland grinned too. "Oh yeah? I thought you'd freak out when you saw me."This demon laughed. "What? I'm afraid of you?"Erland came down from the tree branch, standing right in front of this demon who was staring hungrily at him. Erland's eyes glanced at the nearly 5 km of red spider webs spread over the city of Blair. What a greedy demon. Erland approached the spider web, of course it made the devil grin."Hey kid. Let me tell you, if you touch the net,
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Hypnotic City
Erland was a little surprised when the sound was like next to the ear. In a hurry, Erland changed his facial expression and looked at Laura Jessanny who was already in front of his eyes. How could this elf enter the veil of magic created by a devil like Erland? That's what Erland was thinking."Sir, is this my dinner today?" Gail asked, almost drooling at Laura.Erland did not answer, only glanced at it. "What are you doing outside the veil of magic, elf?"Laura looked at Erland seriously, then smiled. "Master himself? What are you doing outside the veil? Isn't that very dangerous?"Gail was stunned to hear that Laura could speak so calmly. Even though there is a demon on Erland's side. Gail stabs Erland's hand, but it's as if a glass barrier is blocking him from this demon. Clearly, Gail's growing clueless."Sir, what's going on? Why can't I touch you, sir? And why can't this sweet fairy see me?" asked Gail trying to get closer, but couldn't.Erland once again glanced. However, still
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They Saw Casey
After knowing the interesting thing that Daran is a devil. Erland continued to observe all of the man's movements. Erland became curious, which faction of demons did Daran belong to. This was because Erland couldn't feel the demonic energy in Daran's body at all. One thing Erland thought. Perhaps, Daran was similar to Erland, a mixed blood."Halton," Laura said with her head tilted back and her eyes reading the monument which had been a bit neglected.Yes, they had all arrived in Halton town. The rumored city never touched by the sun. The sky was overcast and it always snowed, they could already feel the cold."Put your robes on immediately," Arthur ordered.Because they will come face to face with the snow that falls incessantly. Maybe even if you made a magic screen, it would have to be strengthened every hour so that the snow wouldn't fall on those who were going to rest. Erland's eyes stared at Halton's town inside seriously. Soon he will uncover the truth about the culprit who ea
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"The demon lord is still alive!"Erland stared at the red snow which started to transform into a spirit wandering around the magic veil. Erland could feel the spirits of witches from high levels. So Erland stretched out his hand and this spirit that looked like smoke touched Erland."Who made you like this?" Erland asked slowly.The witch who looked small and like a woman started to shout while crying, "please return my body sir! I still want to live!""I will give you justice, but tell me what happened?" asked Erland increasingly curious."One night I was kidnapped sir, as soon as I opened my eyes I was in prison. Although it is not clear who I was kidnapped by, but I know that they are people from the palace."Erland glanced at princess Adaline who was also trying to communicate. "Were you taken to the queen's residence that night?""Yes! Yes sir! I was taken to the queen's residence, then I was unconscious and suddenly became a wandering spirit. Please help us sir!"Erland let go o
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What Kind Of Devil?
The devil's lips appeared to be grinning. Then his hand prepared to touch Erland's head, of course if it touched him. Then Erland's energy will be absorbed, that applies to everything. Until Erland raised his hand, forbidding the three people behind him from approaching.Until Erland's body rose. "Do not come close.""Oh, even if you're about to die, there's still time to think about other people's safety," quipped the devil.Erland's eyes sharpened. "It looks like I'm not the one who will die here."Laura screamed hysterically and cried. Seeing the demon's strangely shaped hand touch Erland's head. Making Erland's energy begin to evaporate and be sucked in by the devil who was smiling happily.Laura tried to get closer to Erland, but Daran's hand firmly blocked the little elf. Princess Adaline is still shocked by what she saw with her own eyes."Master Erland!" Laura shouted as she pushed Daran's body and started running towards Erland.But, Laura's feet slowly stopped. Her face show
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