Because the disagreement between the foreign Country P merchant had not yet been resolved, few among the men were seen inside the large hall.

They were the Priest factions of merchants, and their gathering was to deliberate on the way forward.

"A man that jumped inside a river should not bemoan of cold," Priest said, smiling and staring at the twelve men in his front, then resumed his speech, "am glad few among you understand that it's never an easy task to snatched the crown from a reigning king."

"Aye. Why should we give up after everything we have invested in this mission?"

"Since half of the merchants were with us, I think our share should be worth a ship when we pulled them together."

"Augur is right. Now we have four ships while they were left with one."

"They will soon come to us. They can't survive alone and will be back on their knees. But before then, I want us to deliberate on Banjo's demand. Should we give him a ship or not?"

"If a ship will give us the mafia crown. Then
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