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Devil spirits, fiendish monsters invisible to the ordinary eyes, coexist with humans, feasting on human souls and flesh. While they still remained unknown to the human race!    Exorcists, humans who had been tempted, are able to see this demons, and had somehow tapped into devil energy, the one power that could kill a devil spirit, worked hard in protecting humanity and redeeming peace.  Alexander Vincent, a carefree and hotheaded 16 years old teenager, embarks on a life changing goal to become the greatest exorcist ever. After he discovered that his body was a vessel, used in sealing off a part of a demon lord, and that this seal had been tempered with, which would bring forth the reincarnation of the demon lord.  He lives a life of competing with the demon lord over who should take charge of his body, for a whole day.       Join this carefree and hotheaded protagonist, to discover if his sheer, and unbreakable willpower would break.

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    This book looks promising. I can say that this is a good book, judging from what I have read so far.

    2023-11-09 02:41:25
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The rain poured down heavily to the earth, wetting the grounds, which made the atmosphere cold, resulting to an unbearable night. A man was spotted under the immense downpour, cladded on a yellow raincoat and pairs of black heavy-duty boots. His name was Hank Miller, a night guard at the Frasers' museum. He had taken a night off, after receiving a distressed call, that his three years old daughter was admitted in a hospital. He took the night off, to go be by her side, given that he was her only parent. Since he had lost his wife during child labor, and he became the only family his little daughter had. He had risked coming out this late at night cause he couldn't slide the thought of leaving her all by herself. Earlier this morning she had complained bitterly to him of stomach offset and headaches. But he thought those weren't major illnesses, so leaving her to the babysitter's care was his only option. Yet the minor illness had gotten her to the hospital bed. If only he had pai
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The lunch break.
The three young lads continued their walk, they were discussing about the murder incident at the alleyway. Based on the way they responded to it, it felt like the alleyway murder wasn't the first strange death to had occurred in the town. "Another strange death, what's this town turning into?" Brian was the first to raise the issue."You're acting as if our town is the only center of strange deaths, of which are stated to be as a result of a wild animal. Same incidents have been reported all over the country, even in the big cities. Based on estimation, at least a hundred people are reported to have died of strange deaths in a year, and 50% of this strange death victims were tore into shreds. The country is becoming more of a death zone than a home. Wealthy businessmen are beginning to move their families out of the country, leaving the poor and average citizens like us, to be buried along the county's crisis." Jordan explained, the rest of them were marveled by his ways of always re
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At the basketball court.
Vincent walked through the front porch of the senior high building. He had earlier on received a message from Sharon, asking him to meet her in the basketball court. At first he was nervous, all sorts of negative thoughts ran through his head, he even decided not to go, but felt that his judgment would be too harsh, and she might eventually hate him for it. He made the decision to go see her, and was certain that he could break free from any lust thought that came after that.He kept walking, encountering other students in the veranda, they too had sneaked out of class. Well this was his first time sneaking out during lessons, he sure hoped he wouldn't get into trouble. He finally arrived at the entrance of the basketball court, it was indoor, an extremely large hall room made to house both the audience's seats and the player's court. Stepping into the hall room his eyes locked up on Sharon, she sat atop the judges desk, awaiting him. He gently walked up to her."Hey!" Vincent waved
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The devil curse, hand.
A man dressed in a black leather jacket, white trousers, and a pair of white shoes, walked into an environment, binded by police restriction labels, which were placed to restrict civilians from going into the area, for it was still under investigation. This location was the alleyway, where the murder had taken place. The young man, probably in his mid twenties, was examining the surroundings. His gray eyes, searching for any possible clues, in the environment. He could sense the evil aura emanating within the vicinity, but even with the leaking negative energies, he couldn't sense the malevolent entity. Sigh!He hissed a sigh of frustration, surely the being was toying with him. Not wanting to be seen. "Keep doing what you do best. Hiding. Just give me a minute to get my cigarette, I will be back before you even know it!" The man exclaimed, taking a turn and exiting the lonely alleyway.***Vincent, Jordan and Brian were heading to their respective houses. Usually, they walk home to
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Shall now exorcize you.
The monster broke free from the grips of the earth, tearing the ground apart, which resulted in a shockwave that swept the entire surrounding, drastically sweeping obstacles off its radar. The monster floated in mid air, its body reformed itself, slowly, transmuting in the process. Its fur skin tore open, and a new entity came out from within it. This figure's skin was pitch black, it had a humanoid physique, its face was without a nose, and its eyes were crimson red as blood, its mouth was extremely wide, engraving a maniac smile that revealed its sharp teeths. It rotated its head thrice in a roll, in excitement, giving off a wicked mumbling laughter; "Hehehe!" Its mouth attempted to speak, but the words coming out from its mouth were inaudible, they were more like mere murmurs, unclear to the ordinary ear, it just felt as if it was giving off reverberating vibrating frequencies with its mouth. It descended forcefully to the ground on its feet, furtherly tearing the earth beneat
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The guest.
Vincent's eyelids pathed open, the view that was reflected to his vision was of a hazy image. He blinked his eyes twice to adjust his retina to the brightness of his surroundings. "This is my room." Vincent spoke in a faint tune, noticing the familiarity of his surroundings. "But how did I get home?" He questioned himself, trying to put together what he could remember. "The last thing I could remember was feeling dizzy and blacking out. Aaahh! My head hurts." Vincent responded, he felt a slight ache. "It probably must be as a result of the fall. But how did I lose balance so easily? My body. It's heavy and aching. It must be from those bruises. Why can't I make out the full details of what happened."He struggled to sit-up, and it was a success after two trials. He held his head gently with both hands, bending his head to see if the memories would flow in. Eventually, he remembered all that had taken place yesterday. Ranging from the fight with Henry that bruised his entire body,
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The two offers.
A blue car drove into the compound of the care foundation hospital. The vehicle reversed to park well at the parking lot. Both doors of the car swung open, as two individuals walked out of it. A man in his twenties, who was the driver of the car, and a teenage boy. The man was dressed in a blue turtleneck sweater, red trousers and a pair of blue sneakers, matching his attire. His hair was black and curly, and his eyes were gray. The boy was cladded on a black top shirt, green pants and a pair of red sneakers. His black spiky hair was charming, and his dazzling amber eyes radiated sunlight. They both were revealed to be Nathan Sean and Alexander Vincent. They had arrived at the hospital of which Jordan was admitted in. The hospital wasn't that big, it was only a five storey block. But Its compound expanded widely, housing at the right hand side, a lot for parking ambulance trucks, and the left hand side, as the public, free parking lot. Its surroundings were adorned with flowers
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The fight.
The next morning, Vincent woke before the sun rose. He did some pushups and situps, exercising his body. While under the act, his alarm clock rang, he quickly stopped exercising. An alarm that was meant to wake him up, now served as a reminder that he needed to freshen up. He walked into his bathroom to take his bath. Few minutes later, he walked out of his room, dressed in his school uniform, a white short sleeved shirt, dark blue trousers, dark blue tie, a pair of white shoes and a bag hung to his back. He gently walked down the stairs, heading to the dining table. As usual his mouth was dishing out the meal. They exchanged greetings, and he ate his breakfast. He hurriedly rushed down their building, assuming that his friends were outside, waiting for him. It was when he was outside, that he remembered that Jordan was still at the hospital. His face wore a saddened expression. He surveyed his surroundings, searching for Brian. But the latter was present. "That lazy bones isn't o
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Massacre at the subway station.
At the wonder ville subway station, the train had just arrived, braking to a stop, as it erupted a rumbling sound to the atmosphere. People were already at standby, waiting for the doors of the train to open. And when it finally did, they waited for the passengers to get off, to make way out of the train, so they could board the train. As the doors of the train automatically opened, crimson liquid streamed from within the train, like a gushing waterfall, bathing the standbys in blood.Thud!An object fell to the floor of the train, rolling out of it towards a lady. "Aaahh!!" The lady screamed loudly, drawing everyone's attention to her. The people who had been so frustrated, after being soaked by the gushing red liquid, immediately looked towards where the lady was pointing out. "It's a human head!" Someone from within the crowd exclaimed, raising an alarm. "Aaahh!!""Aaahh!""Aaahh! Somebody help." A sudden outrageous scream erupted from the entire surrounding. Someone else had
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Veil of darkness.
Vincent, Brian, and Henry and his goons were immediately summoned to the principal's office. Mr Parker was unhappy, because of what he had witnessed. "How dare them fight inside the school premises!" He said to himself, feeling really upset. He had listened to their pointless explanations, without gaining a single clue to what they were insinuating. From his perspective, he felt that they were fooling him just to get away with what they had done. And he, who he was going to punish for the incident was..."Vincent, how dare you and Brian assault a fellow student. A senior for that matter. It seems like you two now feel like you're above the school's rules and regulations." Mr Parker promptly said. "But sir.." Henry wanted to speak, but he was quickly interrupted by their principal."No buts, Henry. You and your colleagues acted out of self defense. Brian assaulted you first. So now you may demise yourselves. Leave me to these troublesome two." He responded, referring to Vincent and
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