Is good to do good and be a cheerful giver, but a wise man or woman will know when to give and when to say no.

Since common sense is not common, Misha is unfortunately among those who lack the wisdom to know when to give and when to say no, and this rash decision seemed to be the source of panic as the was led into the mafia palace, and then into the main parlour.

As they walked closer, Andrea's voice boomed from her compartment and most of the mafias and maids at sight shakes their heads at the tone of her guitar and the sweet songs that came out of her mouth.

"I have heard this tale from her majesty before and I always pity the unfortunate farmer that suffered and almost lost his life because of being too kind," one among the mafias mumbled, signalling to the rest of the group to wait until they were summoned to enter, then began to narrate the tale of the farmer and the ungrateful snake.

Some time ago when animals and humans can converse, a farmer was clearing his farm one day, wh
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