"Did you give the opium to this lady of service over here?" El Ramon's voice boomed louder as the mafias and the two ladies walked into the parlour.

The ladies bowed and sat with legs crossed on the ground, while the mafias glared at their backs.

"Aye. She is my friend and begged me to get it for her. According to her, she want to celebrate a one-of-a-kind birthday on this island and needed a more narcotic drug to complete the fun."

"Where did you see the opium that you gave to her?"

"I stole it from the wardrobe of my master."

"Who is your master and how did he have access to it?"

"I have no idea, your highness. I usually see him taking it out of the wardrobe whenever he desires sexual gratification with me."

El Ramon was about to make a speech when Andrea walked inside, smiled back at the mafias and maids who bowed at him, grinned at the man on the throne, then sat down at her usual place, and asked, " is she the lady that gave the opium to her?"

"Aye. And she claimed she stole it f
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