The Ascendance Deceiver

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The Ascendance Deceiver

By: puppet_the_writer OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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In a mysterious realm known as Kodoku, Alayn, a gloomy university student, finds himself on a train filled with passengers who had all experienced a strange dream of darkness. Guided by a sweet voice, they enter an underground passage and emerge in a chamber with a pulsating platform. The voice reveals them as chosen ones with an unimaginable destiny and beckons them to descend further into the abyss. As they journey deeper, Alayn befriends Neo and together they encounter a captivating goddess-like figure who unveils the true purpose of their presence in this enigmatic realm. They just have to kill each other. Using their new found abilities. Welcome to the game of Kodoku.

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In the depths of the human psyche, an enigmatic tapestry of desires and tendencies weaves its intricate patterns. Humans, with their unpredictable nature, harbor a multitude of behaviors that both mesmerize and disturb. Beneath the facade of complex personalities lies a dormant instinct shared by every individual—a clandestine yearning to witness the world consumed by flames. Though many may display love, fight valiantly, or sacrifice selflessly, deep down, a hunger for control and a perverse pleasure in the suffering of others lurk within their hearts. This inclination often hides in plain sight, camouflaged by the innocent enjoyment of prank videos, concealing the darker truths beneath the veneer of laughter. Yet, amidst this paradoxical existence, a distinct breed of humanity emerges—those intimately acquainted with their own shadowed depths. Bound by societal norms and the laws that govern, they are compelled to shroud their true nature within veils of normalcy. These individuals
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"Please pay attention, train 11-30 is arriving on time at platform 6." The announcement echoed throughout the subway station. Alayne silently stood up from the bench and made his way straight to platform six. It was a Sunday evening, and although the subway station was less crowded, Alayne didn't mind the quieter atmosphere. Sundays held little significance for him. On one hand, he didn't particularly care about holidays, and on the other hand, Alayne had to attend his university studies almost every day as a second-year student, so it didn't make much difference. As he waited for the train to arrive, he casually brushed his somewhat long hair and glanced at the other passengers on the platform with his dark brown eyes. Wearing a gray hoodie T-shirt, blue jeans, and a pair of black and white shoes, Alayne carried the expression of a somewhat gloomy university student. As the train approached and stopped at the platform, people started gathering their bags and belongings, preparing
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Goddess's Revelation
As Alayn descended the staircase, he stole a glance at three passengers seated at the end row of the train car. Previously unnoticed, they caught his attention. Among them were a man and a young girl, the latter tugging at the man's right hand. The man had short hair and a remarkably attractive face, complemented by thin-framed glasses perched on his nose bridge. His attire, a black suit, white shirt with a bowtie, gave off an air of a university professor. The young girl beside him wore white sneakers, a black skirt, and a stylish yellow blouse, appearing to be around sixteen to seventeen years old. The man seemed to be in his early thirties or late twenties. After stealing a glance at the three passengers, Alayn turned his attention to the boy who had suggested calling 911. Clad in a hoodie like Alayn, with blue denim jeans and white sneakers, he appeared to be a college student around sixteen, similar to the other girl. Meanwhile, the other boy, who had scoffed, was not in proxi
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"What the hell was that? What did she just say?!" Alayn blurted out, looking dumbfounded. He wasn't stunned that a goddess-like woman had literally just died right in front of him and then came back to life. He was more shocked by the fact that the goddess claimed to be an angel and referred to the other party who seemed to have killed her or caused her to bleed out as 'pantheons.' "If I remember correctly, that means gods! So I was right. Haha, I was right to fear the unknown, I was right to restrain my true self." Alayn laughed out loud in his mind, the corners of his mouth slightly curling up. But no one was able to see the changes in Alayn's expression. On one hand, everyone was focused on the self-proclaimed angel on the huge white platform, while on the other hand, Alayn quickly regained control of his expression. "D-did she just say that she is an angel?" The man whom the two boys called Mr. Luverne, who seemed to have handled the situation they were in quite well until now,
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Framing Bias
As Solarael greeted the seven players, they looked at each other with puzzled expressions. Despite having teleported several times before, they were still unfamiliar with the experience. Curiosity painted on her face, a woman clad in a beautiful blue dress inquired of Solarael, "Are we the first visitors to your shop, or do you possess some form of cloning ability that allows you to have multiple shops at the same time?" "Is that your question for the first-time bonus?" Solarael asked, his vibrant face devoid of any discernible emotions. "If not, you can wait for your turn to ask questions. I don't have to answer unless it's part of the first-time bonus." Without giving the woman a chance to reply, Solarael continued, "Now, let's begin. The first order of business is acquiring your ability card. To do so, please extend your right hand and follow my guidance." Solarael's confident voice resonated through the room. As the group extended their right hands, Solarael demonstrated a flu
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Cosmo Shop
After his initial visit to the Cosmo shop, Alayn harbored a singular goal in his mind: ensuring that Neo would enter the shop after him or, preferably, before Luverne. Alayn lacked a clear understanding of Luverne's capabilities, which fueled his determination to avoid getting caught by him at all costs. One of the reasons behind Alayn's decision to manipulate the team's entry order into the Cosmo shop was driven by this purpose alone. "Welcome back to my Cosmo shop, dear player," greeted Solarael, a faint smile gracing his face as Alayn regained consciousness following the teleportation. "Now, how would you like to utilize your one-time bonus question?" he inquired, his tone warm and inviting. "First and foremost, I have something I'd like to sell to you," Alayn announced with a mischievous grin appearing on his face. .... "You know, player, you're quite intelligent for a human," Solarael remarked, a faint expression of admiration crossing his features. "Yeah, I'm well aware," A
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Selective Disclosure
As Alayn's eyes adjusted to the luminous golden light, they fell upon the resplendent figure of the majestic door before him. Standing alongside him were the six other players, their expressions brimming with curiosity and anticipation, eager to glean insights from Alayn's encounter within the Cosmo shop. It was evident that they yearned to hear every detail, their eyes fixed on him, awaiting for Alayn to enable his voice. Alayn keenly observed the anticipation radiating from the other players, understanding their eagerness to hear his account. With a casual smile, he began to share his experience, "Well, as it turns out, the Cosmo shop I entered this time was exactly the same as before. There were no noticeable changes or alterations." His words hung in the air, and the expressions of the other players subtly shifted, some with a tinge of disappointment and others with a hint of relief. Alayn couldn't help but inwardly chuckle at the sight of some disappointed expressions among th
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The atmosphere was immersed in a mystical ambiance, as white and gray clouds blanketed the sky, casting shadowy hues over the surroundings. Amidst this ethereal backdrop stood a resplendent palace, emanating an otherworldly glow that defied human comprehension. At its core, a radiant golden allure exuded a sense of divinity and grandeur, captivating any soul fortunate enough to stumble upon this floating marvel. In the midst of this enchanting scene, a woman of unparalleled beauty knelt with hands prostrated before her, assuming a prayerful position. Her ethereal presence possessed an allure that effortlessly ensnared the hearts of all living beings with a single glance, casting a spell of admiration upon those who beheld her celestial countenance. Though her face remained veiled in a mysterious blur, it radiated an indescribable beauty, like a resplendent nebula of eternal blue that captivated the very essence of one's soul. In her mere presence, the universe seemed to pale in comp
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Life Orb
"One thousand credits!?" Neo blurted out, his voice filled with disbelief and a hint of uncertainty, unable to fully trust what he had just heard. "Yes, indeed," Solarael replied with a smile, a tinge of amusement lacing his words. "By selling your one-time question back to the shop, you can receive a generous sum of one thousand credits. I assumed that Player Alayn had informed you about this option and the potential value it holds. Did he not mention the amount you could obtain by selling it?" Neo didn't answer Solarael and remained silent, as his mind consumed by a single question that echoed loudly within him: "What the hell did Brother Alayn do with those thousand credits he obtained?" Neo refrained from voicing his thoughts and chose not to ask Solarael about Alayn's use of the thousand credits. He realized that obtaining an answer from Solarael would require spending some of his own credits, and Alayn was someone he could approach directly without such expenditure. In Neo's
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"Can I talk to you for a moment, Alayn?" Luverne approached Alayn a few minutes after Neo had entered the shop. "Ah, yeah, sure. What's up Mr. Luverne?" Alayn responded, appearing surprised by Luverne's sudden approach. Serene, who was standing beside Luverne, gave a slight smile to Alayn. "Just Luverne is fine. I appreciate that you've provided us with all the facts about the game, but what I'm truly interested in is your personal insight, Alayn," Luverne expressed, gracefully lowering himself to the floor and settling beside Alayn. Alayn, positioned against the wall opposite the golden door, took a brief pause to collect his thoughts before offering a response. Observing the interaction, Serene joined Luverne and took a seat next to him, eagerly awaiting Alayn's perspective. "I've pondered that question many times myself," Alayn began, his gaze fixed on the intricate patterns on the floor. "I believe the gods created this game to test us, to push us to our limits and see how we n
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