Onishi was sick because of the cold that entered his body through the night, and the illegitimate prince was laid on a table in a smoky room and was been attended to by a grim-looking man with an overgrown beard.

Several eyes feasted on the naked prince and whispering voices boomed louder in the small room.

"You are lucky I didn't let the wolves out, otherwise, you would have ended their meal by now."

"Let him keep pulling his luck and he will be dead in a few days."

"Please let me go. Am going crazy here."

Jade entered the room, peered around, then smirked at the sight of the prince on the table as she walked closer and let out, "you are free to go whenever you want. But let me advise you that you won't make it out of this island alive."

"Please help me to ascend my father's throne, and I promised you wealth beyond your dream."

"Aren't you no longer recruiting mercenaries for the foreigners?"

"No. All the men recruited so far are only loyal to me, and not to the foreigners. I decide
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