Onishi walked in the forest for a long time, arrived at the seashore and gazed over the vast area of water that spread as far as his eyes can see.

Glancing right and left, and seeing no speedboat around, he was lost on the way forward and sat at the riverside in a forlorn state.

"How did my abductor leave this island?" He asked himself, picked up some small riverbed stones and subconscious hurled them into the ocean before him.

Swimming out of this place is insane, yet Onishi would have contemplated the idea if only he had a map or knew the precise place he is.

But as it is, he is as blind as a bat, and it would be the greatest of all foolery to swim blindly inside this murky-colour, turbulent ocean.

Nevertheless, the prince knew he can't give up. Not now, nor ever. As long as he breathed, he had vowed to fight for what truly belonged to him.

It was the suspicious waves of the sea that first caught the deep-in-thought prince, and his eyes were fixed on the moving object that seeme
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