The Ghost Hunter And The Terror!

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The Ghost Hunter And The Terror!

By: Author Quo Quo OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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In a world perpetually brimming with temptation and snares lying in wait, demons are always ready to engulf the weak souls who fall into the abyss of despair. Yet, far in the distance, bright rays pierce the darkened skies - these are the demon hunters, ready to sacrifice their lives to hunt and protect the safety of all. From ancient times, demons should have been exterminated. However, fortunately, some survived and are planning to reopen the Book of Salamon to unleash Lucifer and other ferocious demons trapped within its pages. Claude Young is one of these demon hunters, but he possesses the blood of both demon and human. This is why he wields the power of both species. Alongside his companions, Claude endeavors to cleanse the world of these demonic beings and thwart their malevolent plans.

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The System.
Ring... ring... ring... The sound of the alarm clock at six in the morning rings incessantly, Claude Young hastily reaches out to stop the alarm clock, yawns deeply, and then leaves the warmth of his bed. Today is the start of the week, close to the final exams, so Claude Young stayed up very late studying. The sound of a long yawn still echoes in the room, and outside the door, the hurried voice of Mr. Young, Claude's father, calls out: "You lazy bum, what time do you think it is to still be sprawled out in bed, get up quickly, go wash your face and have breakfast, I still have to go to work!" "Yes, I know!" Hearing his father's voice, Claude quickly jumps out of bed, rushes to the toilet, then Mrs. Young, Claude's mother, shouts loudly: "What's with you two dragging your feet, breakfast is all ready, hurry up and eat before it gets cold!" Mr. Young's voice: "Dear, what did you cook for the two of us today?" "Shrimp noodle soup with egg!" Mrs. Young's curt reply, followed by Mr
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The System 2
"What?" "I sincerely apologize, master!" "What do you mean?" "I'm very sorry, but right now, I can't take you back to Earth!" And finally, Claude had to accept that he was brought to a strange place and could no longer return home. Seeing Claude lost in thought for a while, Rosalie spoke up to remind him: "Master, although I can't take you back to Earth right now, as long as you complete the mission and reach a certain level, you can leave this dimension on your own and return home!" "Really?" Claude seemed like he wanted to rush and hug Rosalie tightly, but Rosalie appeared like a mirage, untouchable. She calmly replied: "Yes, master! As long as you reach the God level, you can leave this dimension and find your way home!" "God level? How long will it take me to reach the God level?" "That is…" Seeing Rosalie's hesitation, Claude felt a burning anger inside. Fortunately, Rosalie quickly responded. "Based on my calculations, if master completes all the main quests, it might
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Rabbit King
Looking at these gray rabbits, Claude hesitated. Did he really have to kill them? With just a thought, a wooden bow appeared in Claude's hand, its string made from animal sinew, with silver metal wrapped around both ends of the string. Above the body of the bow are engraved a few words whose meaning is not very clear. At that moment, a quiver full of steel-tipped arrows, gleaming brilliantly, appeared on Claude's back. Yet, inside, Claude was secretly lamenting. He had never used such a thing since he was born. However, Claude did not realize that when he held the bow in his hand, his posture became firm and calm like a skilled hunter, completely unlike his previous frail, scholarly appearance without a bit of strength. "Thwack!" An arrow was shot, hitting a gray rabbit near where Claude stood, startling the rest of the rabbits. Claude was puzzled, wondering since when he had become so formidable. Could it be that he was a hidden genius, naturally skilled? Indeed, he was impressive
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High-level Monster
The blades flashed, the two weapons in the girl's hands gleaming with a cold light as they aimed straight for the wolf's neck. Her movements were incredibly fast and decisive, without any warning. At this point, the grey wolf was truly irritated, it roared and leaped to avoid the attack. But the girl's movements did not stop there, the blade in her hand suddenly changed direction, aiming straight for the wolf's belly to slash. It was only then that it became clear how sharp the edges of the girl's blades were. Despite the wolf's agile movements, it was still struck by a blow. A tuft of wolf fur fell to the ground, leaving a deep cut half an inch deep on its skin, exposing some white fat. Fortunately, its thick skin and flesh meant that it only suffered a minor injury, if its reaction had been a little slower, it might have actually been gutted by the girl. "Grunt!" The grey wolf felt extremely humiliated; it was a high-level monster, and this girl had only reached the peak of the i
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"Hey, listen, how could I possibly be your brother-in-law? I didn't even see anything. Besides, in my hometown, women often dress even more sexily than that!" Claude felt extremely annoyed, so he glared and spoke bluntly. "What?" But he could never have imagined that Mortimer's gaze towards him would be so fierce at this moment. Even Tiffany, who was walking a distance ahead, stopped in her tracks and looked intently this way. The white rabbit lying in Claude's arms was startled by the actions of the two, its white fur standing on end. "Hey, hey! What's going on with you two? I... I was just giving an example, and besides, it's not like I can defeat her, can I? How could I possibly become your brother-in-law?" "Hmph, that's a matter for later, but now that you've seen Tiffany's body, you must take responsibility. Otherwise, you must duel with her today. As long as you win, you can leave!" Mortimer stepped forward three steps, pulling the axe on his shoulder in front of him, his eye
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Heartfelt Bow
At this point, Claude started to play dirty; as soon as he jumped out, he immediately pulled his bowstring taut, aimed, and fired an arrow. However, with such crude movements, he couldn't deceive her. Tiffany slightly shifted her body, dodging the arrow shot by Claude, and with a knife carrying a cool breath, quickly advanced towards Claude's face. "My God, how is this crazy woman so fast?" Previously dealing with the wild rabbits was quite easy, so now facing Tiffany's decisive and swift moves, Claude became disoriented, his steps faltered, and he accidentally tripped over a rock, falling to the ground. This allowed Tiffany's knife to only graze past his face, missing his body. "Ah, save me!" Claude screamed in horror, then rolled several times on the ground to avoid. Despite this, Claude's cries for help continued, making Tiffany both angry and amused. "So, do you want to continue fighting or not?" "Don't force me!" Claude quickly stood up, clenching the bow in his hand, and s
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Unleash The Power.
In these memories, Claude saw a horde of bizarre creatures, ugly and ferocious, like a swarm of bugs emerging from the earth, invading towns, killing people, setting fires, raping, committing every imaginable atrocity. Until a group of white-clad soldiers appeared, wielding various forces, magical powers, and spells, easily wiping out the ugly creatures, leaving no trace behind. The surviving people worshipped them as gods. As time passed, humans were born, aged, and died, in an endless cycle, continuous and unbroken. Only the gods worshipped by humans remained ageless, without sickness or ailment, their youth unchanged for ten thousand years. Seeing such a sight, many curious people approached the gods, asking them to teach magic, to grant them power, for eternal life like theirs. Initially, the gods refused, sending those seekers away. But gradually, the pleading of humans softened the hearts of some gods, who then bestowed a bit of their strength and personally taught them some mag
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Advanced Peak
At that moment, a middle-aged man, accompanied by a dozen men in armor, came towards the crowd and shouted loudly."Who the hell is yelling at me?" Mortimer, who was fiercely fighting, cursed in anger upon hearing the shout, but after turning around, his expression slightly contracted: "Ah, Nelson , is it you?""Hmph, what are you two brothers doing here? Are you causing trouble and fighting?" The middle-aged man in front, named Nelson Young, was the captain of the Young House countryside guards, with a strength that had reached the Advanced Peak."No, really, there's no such thing!" Mortimer, well aware of Nelson's temperament, immediately clarified."Really, there's no trouble?" Nelson glanced skeptically at Mortimer, then turned to Tiffany and asked: "Tell me, what exactly happened?"Upon hearing this shout, the crowd completely stopped their actions, and Tiffany, glaring at the middle-aged man lying on the ground, gritted her teeth and said: "It was him, he claimed I broke a famil
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Seeing the situation turning grim, Mortimer instinctively clenched his fists, then turned to Claude shouting: "Brother-in-law, run! You can't beat these people, let us handle it!"At that moment, even Tiffany turned to look at Claude, nodding her head. Claude, observing their expressions, twitched the corners of his mouth: "What's this situation? Looking down on me? My God, I have the system, don't I?"Though he thought so, Claude said aloud: "Don't worry, it's just a bunch of rabble, I can handle them!""What, you little devil, you want to die?" The underlings, just as they charged, were taken aback by Claude's words and started cursing.From the system, Claude had already gauged the level of this group. Apart from the leader who had reached Advanced level one, the seven or eight others were only at Mid-level four or five. Such a lineup could temporarily be considered as minor monsters. Therefore, to the shouts of these people, Claude simply shook his head in disdain.Moreover, altho
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Metal Book
"What are you standing there for? Did you hear what I said?" Seeing Claude standing dumbfounded outside the door, Tiffany couldn't help but get angry and elbowed him.Claude, who was about to check out the item and prestige shops, was startled by the elbow, immediately exiting the system."So, are you coming in or not?" Tiffany, having called him multiple times without a response, started to lose her temper."What are you yelling for? I'm not deaf, let's go inside!" Claude, hurt by the elbow, glared at her, then walked quickly into the house without paying her any more attention."What..." Tiffany was stunned on the spot, having never been treated like this by anyone before."I... I'm going to bite you to death!"Tiffany screamed in anger and then bit Claude's arm. Claude couldn't help but yell: "You... you're crazy, let go, let go!"But in terms of sheer strength, Claude was no match for her and could only endure the pain from the bite, grinding his teeth and tearing up."You're craz
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