It started with some deadly smell emitting from the two extreme rooms belonging to the lady of services inside Johji Inn, and the arrival of heat due to the scorching sun made the smell unbearable and demand immediate intervention.

"What is smelling from these two rooms, and where are the occupants?" Sheila who was summoned from her section of the managerial quarters asked the ladies loitering around the long and wide hallway.

"The occupants have not been seen since yesterday, and we do not know what caused this horrible smell."

"Break down the doors. We need to find out the cause-, she paused, pointed at one of the open mouth ladies and let out, " go and confirm from the mafia at the gate if the two ladies left this inn."

"This door needs the attention of well-muscles males and not for us. I suggest you asked the managers to break it."

Sheila turned and glared at the lady who dare object to her order, glanced at the hardwood door, then at the fragile-arms ladies, nodded her head, and
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