While Augur and Barrymore were escorted out of the mafia palace, twenty men were making their way through a long and dark underground tunnel, and the sound of their shoes echoed around them.

Guided by light shimmering from their small torchlight, the group walked for a while, reached a T-junction, and then halted confusingly on the way forward.

"We have two maps with us, the one that will take us through the right way shows we will be crossing a crocodile-infested lagoon, while the left route will take us through a snake-infested area. Neither of the routes seemed palatable to me and that is why I need your take on this," the leader of the wannabe mercenaries announced.

"Both were scary routes, and the best option is to turn back. But since that is out of the picture, I suggest we tossed a coin over this."

"Good suggestion, let the gods decide for us."

"The gods gave us brains so that we can make the best decision in time like this. We don't need to saddle them with what we can work
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