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I hated being locked up like a damsel in distress. Like I was some princess that needed constant protection, but deep down I was grateful. I was still struggling to summon my powers, so if I was attacked alone I would be defenseless. I understood why Valerian wanted me to stay confined within the walls of our home since there was a protection spell suffocating the entire atmosphere that surrounded it. But I was so bored. Valerian was not there to take me out and keep me occupied with his cocky smiles and quirky comments. The only thing I could think to do to pass the time was to take a stroll around the castle grounds. I exited out into the courtyard and walked past the beautiful wooden benches and vibrant trees. Roses of every colour confiscated the grounds and it was like I was walking through a rainbow. My fingertips caressed the petals and I inhaled the sweet scent of their exquisiteness as I walked through the trails. I was so mesmerized by the area that I didn’t realize where I was going. I gasped as I reached for the next rose in my path, and it crumbled from my touch. The rest of the walkway was filled with black and decayed roses that tumbled to the ground like ash from a horrible wildfire. My frightened eyes glared out into the distance as I realized the dead flowers led to a shadowy tunnel made from black brick. A sign barely dangling from a broken chain at the top of the entrance read ‘dungeon.’ My body cringed at the sight. This was the dark side of Valerian that I knew and wanted to avoid as much as possible.

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Chapter 1
Devil brings forth.That is the very thing that my dad saw me as, and he made sure that mark slipped from his lips and stuck to me, a ten-year-old youngster that simply needed to satisfy her folks and feel acknowledged. Be that as it may, as I heard the unreasonable crying of my wiped out three-year-old sibling, Balrus, reverberating through the corridors of my Alaskan home in the gloomy hours of the morning, I pondered assuming my dad had been correct. Be that as it may, for a child to cry to the point he was shouting and unfit to pause and rest, he probably was maniacal in a wicked way. It was clear in the manner my mom cried as she battled to shake Balrus. The aggravation and absence of rest transmitted from her indented cheeks and empty eyes. It was tangible by my dad's peaceful murmurs and frantic tone that broke as he addressed somebody on the telephone. Despite the fact that their torture decreased within the sight of my sibling, I was as yet the wicked produce, undesirable and
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Chapter 2
I cleared my considerations away as I twisted into my level pad that scarcely had sufficient pad to prop my head and tucked the bothersome cover under my jaw. I was asking briefly for quietness so I could float off into a profound daze, yet my eyes were immediately frightened when I heard a whirlwind turn outside and sleets of ice beating against the wooden walls of our miniscule two-story cabin. The leafless tree appendages ripped at my window as though they were battling to hold themselves from blowing endlessly. The rotting flooring planks squeaked as the home softly influenced from the strain of the breeze, and chills crawled down my spine as I heard the front entryway squeaked open. The strides of this secret individual reverberated up the steps and raged down the lobby towards my sibling's room where my mom was shaking a fastidious Balrus. I could detect the air of this individual, and my skin shivered from a mind-boggling feeling of commonality. The fragrance of sandalwood and s
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Chapter 3
Voices resounded from the parlor making my stimulated advances delayed into an uncomfortable pussyfoot. The old pendulum clock ticked bizarrely uproarious as it read seven AM, which implied I was just a brief time before my mom discourteously woke me. In Fairbanks, Gold country, we were not graced with the sun because of the presence of the polar evening, a period of haziness, snow, and winter's fierce virus. The main touch of light was the imperial blue sparkle that tossed over the town.I anxiously kneaded the odd skin coloration to my left side wrist. It consisted of light brown written lines that entwined together. Throughout the long term, the lines became hazier and more unmistakable. It was challenging to make out, however to me, it had all the earmarks of being the letters M and V impeccably adjusted like a riddle. Kids at school generally prodded me that it was the checking of the failure's club and my dad said it was the stamp of Satan.It was basically irregular lines engrav
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Chapter 4
Despite the fact that I seldom felt any of my mom's glow myself, I realize that she was unique. Thus she would shield me before this more bizarre or even better, request that he leave our home. Definitely she would. To that end I was dumbstruck by what occurred straightaway. My mom, still kneeling down, raised her head somewhat to the point of being heard. I paused my breathing, completely alert then, at that point."You heard his name, isn't that right? This is Mr Zakharov," she said, "and he is correct about your life being the installment we want for Balrus. You will leave with him when you turn 18." My mom's voice sounded dry and deadpan and when she talked, she dropped her head and stayed kneeling down close to my dad. I glanced back at the outsider in my dad's seat in shock and horror.At my mom's words, I felt a flood of feelings at the same time. I felt alone in a manner I had never felt, and I felt previously neglected. Like a line written in pencil that has previously been de
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Chapter 5
As my brother's sickness persisted, my parents' disposition towards me got worst. My mom developed more far off and apathetic towards me. She spent extended periods of time at Balrus's bedside all things considered, holding his fragile hands and attempting to encourage him. Also, when she wasn't sitting in his room, she was either elbows somewhere down in cultivating or exploring some new wonder spice that could be useful. I realize that mother seldom rested most evenings. I knew this on the grounds that from my room I frequently heard my mom's stifled strides outside Balrus's room as she paced and trusted that the shouting would start in the future.I attempted to quiet my tears however they just wouldn't stop. I took a gander at the stooping figures of my parents , opened my mouth to talk, however acknowledged there was something else to say. I took a gander at my dad and despite the fact that he mistreated me, I felt my heart throb considerably more. The type of Balrus's disease had
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Chapter 6
As he hung there stifling, I watched him attempt to concoct a conciliatory sentiment, a request, another arrangement or whatever else that could save his life. I envision he needed to live, particularly now that Balrus had been recuperated by the liberality of the tycoon who was presently gagging him. A very rich person who was more youthful and more grounded than my dad might at any point have speculated. I didn't have a clue about this then, yet later I would discover that when my mom had told him of the deal, my life for Balrus's life, he had more than once punched the air in happiness. Thereafter, when he thought my mom had nodded off, he slipped down to our family room, grasped his head, and sobbed.Balrus and my mom were his whole world. Balrus who had acquired his blue eyes and earthy colored hair. His child who had been brimming with life and essentialness. His child who ought to have been sound rather than me whose wide green eyes currently held him from where mother clustered
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Chapter 7
He kept his eyes locked on mine as he let his face step by step return to human structure. His face took on the standard human surface, his teeth retreated to the typical size of a man's teeth, and his crimson eyes gradually got back to the right shade of green. He made one stride nearer to me and grinned however this time, I shouted with all the breath left in my lungs. Sufficiently uproarious to shock my mom back to the real world. Adequately boisterous to wake Balrus whose drowsy eyes unexpectedly showed up as he looked at us from over the steps."I disdain you," I shouted. I mixed to my feet, coincidentally found the kitchen, out the secondary passage, and into my mom's nursery. Also, when I had run sufficiently far, I tumbled to my knees and sobbed.Seven years later I gave up on my mother after lingering briefly on the front steps of my high school.Despite her promise to pick me up, she wasn't coming.She never paid attention to me.As I put the hood on, I nervously crammed my han
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Chapter 8
"In the end, what are you doing here?"He said with a protective rasp, "Watching you."My knees buckled at his statement, which was so seductive and possessive."Well, when I leave with you on my eighteenth birthday, you can watch me as much as you want, but for now, I want my privacy."I turned around and started running away."An easy thank you would be sufficient,"“Whatever.”I moaned under my breath and never went back, but the sound of his dress shoes cracking the dead leaves and stray tree branches with each step told me he was right on my tail.As it burned into my flesh, my birthmark started to itch."I cannot comprehend you.I am the only person who ever loves, defends, or protects you, yet you despise me.He appeared in front of me at such supersonic speed that I abruptly stopped."I hate you because you took my life," she said.He gave us a sarcastic glance around the area before shrugging casually.You can have a better life than this with me.I didn't want to give him the satisf
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Chapter 9
That would never occur, thanks to Selina's efforts.I began to drift off into a vivid dream as I fell deep asleep.Valerian was firmly encircling my father's neck while he was holding him against the wall in my dream.As he struggled for air and clawed at Valerian's grasp, Sirius' eyes were bulging out of their sockets.As she begged Valerian to release her husband, my mother collapsed on her knees and pulled at his ankles.From over his shoulder, those horrible eyes that were a bloodthirsty red stared at me, waiting for me to either be kind and let him go or give him permission to cut my father's throat.I felt that unidentified darkness twitching within me.A portion of me desired for him to kill my father.I couldn't harm Balrus in the same way that he had killed my freedom, so I couldn't kill him.He would experience such sorrow in the future if his loving father were to leave him.The entirety of Valerian's fangs were exposed, and I could feel them poised to strike.As oxygen couldn't get
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Chapter 10
I snapped conscious and overreacted, my eyes looked for him in every one of the edges of my room.I didn't need a mirror to see how I looked because my nightgown was wet from sweat.I heard a low, still breeze right outside my window and felt my heart beating quickly, my wild red hair likely shooting in all directions, and my eyes were glassy with fear.My window is open.I lowered my head slightly to the right and narrowed my eyes.Had he been in there, listening from the shadows while I slept, or had I gone to sleep with that window open?I considered reaching for the light switch, but I decided it would probably be best to catch him off guard if he was still gazing at me with that amused twinkle in his green eyes.Allow him to sample his own medicine.After making my decision, I tried to remain calm as I slowly slipped my right hand under the covers and reached for my phone under the pillow.After wrapping my fingers around it, I turned on the torch light and pointed it at the wall opposite
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