As Banjo lay down on the mattress inside his room in the generals' quarters, the tale of the tortoise and monkey came to his mind. And the thoughtful-looking mafia was denied sleep but kept meditating on the unfortunate pains that the monkey had to pass through, simply because of a tortoise's wickedness.

A long time ago when animals can still talk, a mischievous tortoise was looking for an animal to prank when it caught sight of a young monkey far off.

"Hey, Mister. How is the weather up there?"

The monkey on the tree ignored the inquisitive tortoise, plucked a ripe nut and munched its meal.

"Why are you ignoring me?"

"Tell me why you are here and stop asking me unnecessary questions. Is there any difference between the weather on the tree and the one on the ground?"

"Never mind," the tortoise smirked back and said, "I pray we will not suffer the consequences of what we know nothing about."

"What kind of prayer is that? I mind my business, I don't poke into other's privacy, nor did I
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