The Last Vampire: A War of Worlds

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The Last Vampire: A War of Worlds

By: SS.M Chibesakunda OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The world is on fire. The Vampire race extinct, Nations are at war and an everlasting impending doom awaits the noble. The Last Vampire, Azarian, bastard son of the once great Vampire king embarks on a journey to save a young gifted Mage from the unknown. Destiny alings him with a princess of what was a once great nation to save the world from forces far beyond their eyes.

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1. The Battle of Sarania.
* Two Years Earlier: The Vallath nation had waged war on Sarania as part of their undying conquest to take over the entire Western continent*Samuel looked passed the enemy lines, every one of his comrades had been killed and their corpses gathered and stacked upon each other. Roughly a hundred brave young men that gave their lives for Sarania. It was almost high noon, the hottest point of day and the Vallath army was getting closer to Wall Yotanda. The wall shut off all outsiders from Sarania for centuries. "I'm I the only one left?", Samuel asked himself. He checked around the battlefield, the Vallath forces had killed nearly everyone and all the war dragons captured. In the corner of his eye was Captain Zain Einar hiding behind a captured Scarlet dragon, the beast was put barely moving. He rushed through the battlefield, unnoticed by the Vallath forces. He hid by the tail of the beast while the captain was hiding against the dragon's head. "Captain.", he whispered, "My captain.
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2. Secret Underground Labyrinth, Sarania
Her legs stiffened and her hands couldn't stop shaking. Her excuse of a bed banged against the hallow walls of the labyrinth and could be heard throughout the rest of the camp. Alora's roommate, Layla, woke up from to the sound of the loud ruckus."I swear if don't stop moving around, I'm going to fucking kill you.", she hopped out of the bottom bunk. "The sun isn't even up yet." She climbed the metal foot ladder and onto the top bunk. Alora entire body was shaking, her hazel eyes were open and locked onto the ceiling. "Shit.", she yanked Alora's blanket and tossed it on the ground. She held her arms and shook her. "Not again.", she tapped Alora's face. "Come on wake up!", Alora's eyes began to dilate, her body spasms worsened. "Zain!!!", she cried. Zain came in with his cane in hand. "What is?, What's happening?", he asked."It's Alora.", her eyes watered up, "I don't know what's happening." Layla got off the ladder and Zain hopped right on. He touched Alora's hand. It felt l
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3. North Western Stormica, Vallath Imperial State
The day was brighter than most in the town of Stormica. The large windowless structure that was the Stormica Market was packed with a sea of customers and merchants. Azarian walked into the market and his ears were drowning in the sound of deals happening. He held his black dragon leather satchel and marched into the sea that of the market.He had heard stories from Nancy about the market. She would always describe it as a place where the imagination meets reality. It was mesmerizing sight, infant exotic dragons, culinary delicacies from the fairy Kingdom of The North Lands, Spell books of Mages and magical weapons that were crafted by famous blacksmiths. A pure marvel it was.Azarian wondered around the market looking for a merchant named Ryoko the collector, a name he had heard from a blacksmith not long ago. "The man who collects legends out of stories and become a legend himself.", the blacksmith said. He approached every merchant he could and not a single one knew the merchant
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4. Central Colonial District, Sarania
The rest of the squad sat for hours in Alora and Layla's room waiting for Thomas to return from his meeting with Zain. The three talked for hours about the days before the Vallath took over Sarania. "I just miss my mom you know.", Layla said, "I know it's been a few years but it's just such a fresh memory, worst day of my life." "Yeah.", Kai cracked open a bottle of the finest local brew and drank it. "I didn't know you drank.", Alora said. He looked her in the eyes and smiled. He continued to drown himself in the bottle. "It helps silence the voices.", he said, "My parents were never really around. They travelled alot from district to district. It was just me and my little brother Kalsi." "He died during the invasion.", his eyes teared up, " I could have saved him, I should have saved him but-", he fell silent and stared his bottle. "But the reason why I drink princess is because I hear him call me. Most nights and sometimes when I'm alone. He sounds so happy and other times he
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5. North Western Stormica, Vallath Imperial State
"No Azarian this is too much." , Nancy said. "You took me in when I had no where to go.", Azarian said, "It's the least I can do." Azarian opened his satchel and removed the bundle of money. He put the money on the table. Nancy was worried and Azarian could tell by the way she looked at the table. "Where did you get the money from?", she asked. Malak woke up from his slumber and walked into the living room. "Mummy what's going on?", he rubbed his eyes and yawned. Nancy slid the money underneath the table. She got off her seat and rushed to Malak. She squatted to his height. "Nothing.", she held him in her arms, "Mummy is just talking to uncle Azai about stuff.", Nancy said, "Grown up stuff. Come on go back to sleep." "But I don't want to sleep.", Malak said, "I want to play.""It's night time you can't go pl-" "Sure we can go play.", Azarian said, "I will find you outside." The little boy rushed up to Azarian and hugged his legs. He then ran outside the door as quickly as hi
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6. Central Colonial District, Sarania
"Get up! Get up!", Alora said.He was gripping onto his thigh real bad. His hand was coated in his blood. The mysterious lady had struck him with a magical fire blast. He let go of the wound and the flame went right through barely missing the bone. It was bad, he couldn't stop bleeding. He held as much he could but he was losing too much blood way too fast. He tore off his sleeve and wrapped it around the wound. He let of the sleeve and it was quickly trenched in his blood"Just go.", he clinched onto the wound applying more pressure. "She coming there's no point in both of us dying." Alora stood there and a thousand thoughts were going through her mind. The carrier bag was in her arms and she tossed it on the ground. She opened the bag and it was full of letters. She rushed through them and stuffed a handful of them in her back pocket. She stuck her head at the edge of alley way and saw the mystery lady with a group of Enforcers. She was ordering them to look around the alley ways
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7. Stormica Imperial Office, Vallath Imperial State
They had been waiting in line for hours and they were finally next. The man who had the list of appointments had been calling out names from morning, his throat was dry and his lips were drier. "Complaint 66!", the man shouted. Azarian and Nancy stood up from their seats. They walked up to the man and they could see that man had a long day."The captain will see you now.", he said.They entered the captain's office. His office glamorous and filled with things he had collected over the years. Honour medals cased in glass, portraits of him and his comrades fifty years ago when the war effort resumed. He was younger then, he had a full head of black hair and had a charismatic charm in his eyes. The captain was seated at his desk signing some paperwork sent by the Imperial Office in the Capital. He didn't move when an inch when Nancy and Azarian walked into the room. Azarian and Nancy sat on the chairs that faced his desk. "Excuse me sir.", Nancy said. The Captain put down his pen a
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8. Salkatar Prison Sarania
"Oh good you are awake now.", The lady said. Alora couldn't move her body. She was laying on the cold hard prison floor. She tried to speak, her mouth didn't move. She grunted loudly trying to speak, her mouth couldn't utter the words."Palrugos.", the lady said, "An old paralysis spell used by mages during the war of ages." The lady smiled and paced around the small prison cell."I don't think we've properly met Princess.", she said, "I am Jade, daughter of Emperor Sebastien and hand to the Emperor. We've been monitoring your resistance movement for years now, every move you made we watched." Alora tried moving again. Her fingers twitched and she grunted even louder."The spell will wear off eventually. If I were you I wouldn't fight it.", She bent down and faced Alora. "I thought we killed every royal but here I am in the midst of the princess herself.", she said, "Never did I think that a royal was even in the resistance but again here I am surprised. Father is going to love th
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9. The Capital, Vallath Imperial State
"Come on my boy.", his father said, "It's the night." Azarian got out of bed, he grabbed his favourite warm winter coat on the rack. His father lit a lamp and they left the cottage. It was cold that night, like most nights during that winter. The snow fell underneath the sky full of stars and the glimmering moon. The cottage was in the middle of the forest away fifteen miles away from Sarania. The forest itself wasn't to pleasant, every night ever since he was born Azarian heard a rumbling growl. It scared him everytime. Azarian and his father walked into the forest. He heard the growling beast from the far distance. He was shaken and was on heels. His father looked down on him and saw the terror written all over his face. "Give me your hand.", he said. Azarian reached out his hand and his father placed it in his. His hand was small and soft, not a wound on it, it was innocent. "Where are we going papa?", Azarian asked underneath his breathe."I haven't been honest with you.", h
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10. Salkatar Prison, Sarania
Day 3 In Salkatar PrisonAlora hadn't eaten ever since she was thrown into prison. The prison guards tried to get her to eat but she threw the disgusting slimy maggot infested food at the wall every time. "The other prisoners wouldn't be happy if they saw that.", Walna said, "Extra maggots, a delicacy here." Alora laid on her bed and shrugged herself in silence. She couldn't stop thinking about it, she replayed Kai's death. She could still hear his bones snapping like twigs and the image of the very life leaving from his body but the thing that was the clearest of all was Jade's cynical smile. She relived the moment the entire afternoon, going through the trauma again. A prison guard came banging at their cell with a bat. "Yard time!", he shouted, "Yard time!". He shouted those words on and on while the deafening noise of metal clashing against metal made their ears bleed. Walna got off her bunker and Alora was still lost in her thoughts. "I said yard time!", he banged the bat
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