Dooms At The Corner

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Dooms At The Corner

By: DRone OngoingFantasy

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Immense pain and mastery make a boy a man. Kagen starlezia is a boy, who doesn't crave to articulate with others and has a solitary life with his parents. He relates to a very minor city called the losers city of Harsya, in a war with the demons. Continent, the Harsya people benefited the enemy's injured soldiers while battling the human continent due to their great humanity. But tragedy resulted, demons killed them all, from then the city was called a loser city. Kagen doesn't have any friends. His only ambition is to live a peaceful life and to accomplish this vision .he enrolled in the Magic academy of the respective country in which he dwells, the zardia country. But from starting of school he started to change little by little, let us see together will our protagonist achieve his lovely peaceful life in the future. Authors Remarks 1. I add some stuff for silly and funny dialects. 2. Wait for at least 30 chapters where the main tragedy going to happen. 3. If you like it then add it to your library and give your valuable reviews. 5. The book cover doesn't belong to me so if you want to remove it just contact me.

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    Hello author is here,I hope you guys like this story.this is my first novel. dont forget to subscribe if you like this. feel free to comment, hope you find good reads.

    2022-09-06 15:24:20
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Magic School Academy
“Ugoh..., my body is ailing; my soul feels like it is about to leak. Scorching, my skin is scorching. Why is this happening?” A young boy with white hair and black eyes, under his eyes there are dark circles as he didn’t sleep for an eternity and fair skin. He is dreaming that he is in a vast place where is everything, also nothing, a shadow who gives retribution all time, a place where you only get pain. He is running continuously but can't find its end. “Bzz…..bzz…” alarm started to ring. The sound of the ringing buzzer struck his head like a neurotic toxin and at the next juncture; it awoke him from his anti-livable nightmare. He is Kagen Starlezia, a fifteen years old boy, whose height is about one sixty-eight cm, all alone and not even once interacting with both genders except parents. But not gay. This dream of being in hell has become a habit from his childhood as per as he can recollect his memory. Thanks to a mishap at eight years old he lost all his remembrance, but he i
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Battle Arena
Magic school academy is the habitat where young, talented and hardworking people get their magic perfection and some become adventurers and some become a special grade of royal deferential and attacking magic Group, named as ’Illuminati revolvers'. As in the Zardia country, the magic school Kagen is attending divides into two sections, like other schools. The first one is Magic and the second one's Sword. Kagen second day started pretty unexpectedly. He woke up, after getting ready he set out of the room, and started walking towards the school. When he is about to entered the magic campus, he felt a warm sensation on his left shoulder. He doesn't want to be felt by anybody, so he glided it. He thought maybe someone put his hand on him without knowing or mistakenly but the problem started from here, "Hey, lowly, ordinary commoner, have you given your offering To Sir Arthur for what hitch you caused yesterday?," said that young man with a nasty look in his eyes after stopping
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Battle Arena 2
The match started with the go signal of the referee."Whistle... Whistle .start match" Referee started the match with his whistling.I took my stand and was ready for my attack. I like to say this but I was just waiting for her to attack me.If I lost in a rush it would exhibit that I was striving to lose from the start. Sunao started to chant her spell"Thousands and millions of souls who are our ancestors, show me the way of my power with 'Fire arrow'"Sunao chanted the spell.For me, it's kind of funny. This is something typical like a 1st-year student chanting. (The arrow of fire around 20 meters started to come toward Kagen) The attack will come within 10 seconds.If I wish I can easily avoid it but if I do so now I will persuade everybody attraction. Normally 1st-year students can't dodge the magic attack because of their lack of manipulation of body magic.But there are many cases where there are 1st students who were able to dodge magic and who can do that are not the norma
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The Name Merlin Wattsped
The practical class incident that week was very hard for me. But now my peaceful life was back on its path or so I was thinking. n the next week, I got called by the Headmaster of the school through the moderate magic class president Sunao Sakurako."Hello, Mr. Kagen Starlezia, you can go now ms. Sunao"Principal said with his glasses down.Kagen Greeted him with just a simple "Hello""I think you already got the idea that I am the principal of the school and I need a little help from you.""Oh.. sorry sir but I think you have mischosen the person"Kagen replied."You are Kagen Starlezia right and you destroyed the magic ball am I right mister?" Is he going to make me pay for the magic ball? I don't even know how much it cost. Why always problem keeps poking me. I will say bravely sorry but I didn't break that deliberately, it's just an accident.And here I go" Noo..-" as he started to gaze strongly at me I changed my answer with"Yeah I mean I don't know that"Kagen nervously tilted d
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The Offer
After knowing about the scholarship process I decided to try my best to achieve my dream and I also researched manything but here I am, a boy without motivation the next day. I forgot I am a wallflower.While I was thinking about my scholarship process, the Morning classes were over in a blink of an eye and now it was lunchtime. I was eating my lunch sandwich behind the school building. The best place for me.Complete solitary and peace.But here comes the problem"Oi oi, Commoner what are you eating here like you own this place, don't forget you are just an ordinary person, don't be full of yourself, "Tristan said showing his disgusting looks. It's become a problem but its simple solution is to ignore them. You cant keep everyone happy. so you be happy is the best.I didn't reply to anything and ignored him. It has been like every day that problems keep poking me." I wasn't satisfied that day when you lost. The fight was between you and me but Sunao Sakurako interfere. The feeling
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Upgrading System
(In the Principle Room at School on Wednesday before the battle day) "Hello, Mr. Merlin Watssped"A man who isn't so young or not so old make his entrance into the room with these words "Oh.., Hello Mr. Gradiel Pincaster, It's an honor to meet the person who is called Powerful among powerful Celestial Commander."(Gradiel Pincaster is the Celestial commander of Cancer ) "What can a mere principal help you with?" "ohh.., I amn't so stupid here to make any scene but may I ask you for your cooperation to search for a certain person for a certain case in the school, Former Scorpio Celestial commander." "Ohh.. you grew very much from the last time I saw you, your powerful title isn't only for the name. I can see how powerful you are from only looking at you and about what you asked. Can I ask you, is this the task assigned by you from the Royal palace or king?" "No.., I mean certainly not, but I got some information in my hand from secret sources." "So why are you
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Before the announcement of the Principle The battle day has already passed with my victory. today is Friday. When I woke up I got a letter on my table beside the bed. It is not surprising as before the letter of acceptance to magic academy got like this.Let's see what has written inside the letter "Dear Kagen, Congratulations on your victory yesterday. But don't let the victory grow your confidence and overconfidence. I saw the report of your battle from Ms. Tanya Blanderherd. You create a magic attack. You are going to become a moderate-class magician so try to adopt the custom of the Moderate class. My wishes are with you. Yours respected Principle"Damn that old man, I am not going to say I didn't expect it. But I think he is keeping his eyes on me now often. It's just like having a stalker.Hey cops an old man from our school is stalking me who you are calling Principle, just kidding... I can't say it.
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After the announcement and the principal's direct approach, I am here to find a suitable Dabrium for me. It is easy to choose just any Dabrium, but for me; I have to find the one which leads my life to peace. I also have to find Dabrium that doesn't have any clowns or weirdos. When I entered the school gate, my mind got blown away by what I saw. It was for the first time in my life I saw the flyers flying. Dabriums are fighting with each other for their recruitment. Just by seeing that my brain already alerted me to go back and give up on dabriums.But that principle, I don't have a choice here."Let's take a look at what dabrium has got here," Kagen mumbled to himself and started to walk in the hallway of Dabrium, which is the whole 2nd building of our school. It is a little farther from the school. 1st dabrium, what I saw was a particularly weirdo Dabrium. They are researching ghosts and astrology. It is not like I believe in astrology, but still; I think there are a few peop
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After I joined the Dabrium, we received our 1st request the next day, and shockingly, it was from the most important person in schoolThe principle. I totally didn't expect that. Just kidding. If someone gives authority, it means that he/she needs something from you or you are eligible for his/her work. But some blind personality people think that the other person helped them to achieve their goal, fools. You could do the work, but you are not the one who achieved the success of the work. This is the rule of merchants. Talented, potential but poor artists made the masterpieces. But the masterpiece sold or took the name of big people. Our first request was like a quest of an f rank adventurer. We were ordered by the Principal to clean the volunteer Dabrium. "Whoaa .. what is this? It will take forever to finish," Sunao said while taking the garbage box outside of the room."Hello, is anyone here?" asked someone while standing outside the room."Oh... Kagen, are you joining this Dab
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Ordinary Humans, a creature, lives upon their curiosity. It's curiosity that drives humans to the unthinkable. Some make their curiosity in their weapon. Those are Magicianists. I don't become bizarre about anything normally, but this case is out of my supervision. As a human, I have to ratify there is something out there I can't do. I know my thresholds. (After Sunao was done with Tristan's application, Dabrium members talked about not to tell anything about it to anybody and agreed to search for it the next day.) At first, it looked just like a deserted room, but now after clearing and some exploration, we found out that it is a secret room of the school. There was no lamp on the path, but there was a source of light. It's getting late let's. sleep, tomorrow I have to work on dabrium expenditures.(Meanwhile, the celestial age is scouring the Northeast side of the continent, the desert country Rakta Chanchal. sound of granulate lumber tire from a wagon started to slow down a
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