Despite the change of ownership in Johji Inn, the place was humming as a bee hive as soon as the stars appeared for their night duty. And the music blaring from the speakers made the customers smile with contentment as they swallow their liquor.

Hundred of ladies of service were dressed in their usual outfits and calling out to their prospective customers when four mafias strolled into the fence of the Inn, peeked at the scantily dressed ladies, and then walked towards the managerial section.

"Where is the new owner of this inn? We have a message for her from the royal palace," one among the mafia asked from the gawking ladies close by.

"She is in her office over there."

A moment later, they knocked on the new iron door, and then stepped inside when they were permitted to.

"We have a message from the palace."

"Speak up. Am busy right now."

"We were asked to inform you that the object is inside the bout of the bus outside."

"How many are you?"

"Four here and six were standing with the
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