Most troubles always come in double, but some do come in triple.

The first bad news in the palace was the death of Libra and four members of the treasury committee, and the sad news was followed by the sudden discovery of Lady Amona's death, and then the death of all the foreigners inside the palace.

The palace was as sour as vinegar after these discoveries, and as soon as the sun glared in the sky, the whole compounds were filled to the brim with the families of the bereaved, sympathizers, and busybodies who came to confirm the authenticity of the rumours.

"These are not natural deaths and we demand the presence of Prince El Ramon to come and explain how five royal treasury top officials can die in a night."


"Aye. The prince had some explanation to make. After all, he was the one that placed them on house arrest."

"To think my brother was as strong as a bull before his house arrest."

"Unbelievable. My friend was hale and healthy. And his death was the greatest shock of my life."

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