The five mafias were silent through the drive towards their destination, and their minds were rioted with the thought that their mates had killed the big bearded man and disappeared with the money.

Since they have no option but to wait, the sadly looking men put their palms on their chins and peered out of the truck window.

"Here we are, at last," Jade announced, pressed the brake and then drive into the parkway beside the main road.

"It's been a long time of driving. Let's get down."

The mafias descended, close the truck's back door and stepped after Jade and the second bearded man.


"Be careful over there. Watch your leg, the road is slippery."

"Thank you."

"I forgot my pills inside the truck. Please excuse me," Jade announced, turn about and raced back to the truck.

Even though her comrade knew Jade can never forget any important thing, he squawk at her and shouted after her. "Keep forgetting that damned pills and it will put you in trouble one day."

The rest of the party
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